Wednesday, December 2, 2009

SNSD fever

blogger's currently and possibly forever addicted to SNSD and deeply in love with hyoyeon.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Doyle & Cedine III.II

e-mail 2nd

hey! Please don’t worry about me Cedine! I’m okay, in fact, I feel great. You see, I’m actually on vacation, that’s why I can’t really find a time to write, like I said, I only write when extremely bored! Haha! I’m sorry if you missed me, it’s my fault for not giving you any news bout my sudden disappearance. I’ll get the chance to read your letter when I get back home, it might have been bored and feeling claustrophobic inside my mailbox along with my bills! Hahaha! You got me excited with the mill! I’ll look forward to that! Thanks a lot Cedine!


Doyle & Cedine III.I


Sir Doyle,

It worries me that you haven’t replied to my letter yet, it’s been 4 weeks since I sent the letter with my sketch of the mill with it, but what troubles me most is that you haven’t been writing lately, I hope you’re alright. I’ll pray that you’ll get back soon. We miss you.


Doyle & Cedine III

Letter 3

Sir Doyle,

Good evening/afternoon/morning/early am. I’m very glad you returned my letter. To be honest, I didn’t expect that you would actually send me a letter (not that I think you don’t appreciate your admirers) it’s just that, I don’t want you going to the trouble of writing me one, a simple email will suffice and will be much appreciated at my end, but thank you very much. And please Sir Doyle, do accept compliments, you are being too modest, I do read your works over and over and I’m sure I’m not the only one. I really love your works and it surprised me to learn that those are actually products of cramming! You are really gifted and my praises are well worth it. I can’t believe you’re from Steedshire as well! And yes! I’m happy to give you the good news -the mill still stands! I enclosed a little sketch of mine. I hope you’ll like it, it took me long enough to draw a single mill. Please write more amazing stories!


Friday, October 9, 2009

37 Questions -p.s. I counted

Why do we live?
What is the purpose of living?
What happens when we die?
Is it like sleeping without dreams?
Are we going to be reincarnated?
Or perhaps our thoughts, habits, our being be recycled to be used or implanted to another being yet to be born or created for the next generation?
Is that the answer why I feel like someone I just met seems familiar?
Why do we dream?
What is dream? Is dream so different from reality because it’s not made by the elements of reality?
What is real?
Why is the universe so vast and infinity, yet we’re just able to exist in this tiny fraction of the wholeness of things?
Are we alone? I doubt we’re the only ones, such a big sea for a single fish.
Is there another world out there?
What are their concepts?
Perhaps they hold the answer to everything, or perhaps they hold a key for a chest that contains another chest.
People have problems, hopes, fears, doubts, defeats, victories, etc. if we look at the big picture, the REAL big picture, will they matter?
Is there a supreme being?
If there is, when will we understand him?
What are his plans?
If there is none, then how did all this start?
Who made this?
What is this?
Is technology able to comprehend the mystery of our existence?
When will we be able to unlock the door of wisdom?
Perhaps faith is necessary?
Is there an end to all this?
Will someone be responsible?
Perhaps the maker?
Or an anti-ife?
Someone who will turn the lights off, turn the chairs, shove the universe on a box, seal it with duct tape and lock it on a basement and hung a sign that says “closed”?
What then?
What happen next?
Will there be a next saga?
Or just a “to be continued” that won’t.
Or maybe he’ll just save it on a memory stick then reload when he wishes, and when it does, we won’t notice the difference.
How vast and limitless our brain is?
How much can we use?
How much is wasted?
Why am I asking these questions?
Am I the only one trying to comprehend such matter?
I only know this one fact; we live to learn.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

f*ckn funny :D

(read the sub, blurry, i know, but yeah, t's funny:D)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

How to handle strict parents

You have two choices.

One is to be their dumb obedient dog.


Read this anti strict parent (ASP) tutorial.

For all evil parents, evil child and FLIP readers who has nothing else to do. I’m sure a lot can relate, it doesn’t mean you have to actually do what the evil blogger told ya.


This “tutorial” is only temporary, meaning you don’t have to stick to this tactic forever. In time, when you get older or perhaps when you think more maturely, you’ll understand everything, you might even end up being like THEM when you became a parent yourself. So while you are still waiting for your time of enlightenment, try reading and learning from this tutorial. Have fun:)

The Secret

You can’t choose your parents, and fair enough, they didn’t choose you neither. But you have the power to mold them the way you want them to be *evil psycho laugh*. You just need to read their behavior, understand how they work, find the gears that keep them going and change what’s needed to be altered. Never fight them; fighting will only lead to unnecessary clashes that won’t solve anything. There’s a more diplomatic yet evil way to handle things (and no, I’m not talking about cleaning the toilet with their toothbrush). Always go with the flow, play their games and make sure you turn the table. Being “plastic” is the key. When their being nice, or when your being soft coz you keep remembering the good times you had with them, don’t let your guard down. Always remember the good’ol wars you had, the hell that they kept raising upon you. I’m sure the bad times will swallow the good times whole without even burping of satisfaction. Always remember the misery they put you thru, and make sure you return the favor, not by rebelling (more on rebelling later) but by making them your own puppets (i cant really teach you how, different parents needs different measures, you just have to know the right tools, this is just a guide, a sneak peek of the big picture). They won’t even know you’re already pulling their strings. Always remember, you are above them, they are JUST your parents, you are the next generation, and you are their future. They’ll need you eventually. Try threatening them that you won’t change their diapers when their old and useless. Hahahha! (I feel like a disturbed kid, writing this post. Lol). Just stay cool, act dominant and observe your evil plan as it goes.

Things to remember:
  • Don’t fight them, take control of them.
  • You don’t need them telling you what and what not to do.
  • And your secret weapon… “ang anak, kayang tiisin ang ina, pero ang ina hindi kayang tiisin ang anak.” Translating this in a poetic manner is beyond my ability so I guess I’ll just be simple with it. Basically it means that a child can abandon his/her mother but a mother can never abandon her child.

Never rebel, unless you can already live by yourself (not just live, but live a life better than what they can offer). Rebelling only leads to washing dishes on random diners.

This post is not inspired by the blogger’s own experience. Although at some points, I can relate. The identity of the evil parent behind this post will be remained confidential.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Brian the atheist dog

"What you call god is inside you, all of us, and I just hate to see people hating and killing each other over their own interpretation of what they are not smart enough to understand. The real answer to the nature of our existence is more unimaginably amazing than we can possibly conceive."

-Sir Brian Griffin

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bow down

Back to blogging on a bus (writing notes on my phone). It’s been a while since the last time I rode a bus. It’s just that I’m too lazy to go home to Pampanga via bus, but since my girl (who I love more than anything) is in Pampanga for her four weeks vacation, I'll have to endure sitting with the lot of them commoners, kidding! I am no snob.XD so where was i? oh yes, as soon as my dad dropped me off in the bus station, then a little walk looking for my bus, PAK! BANG! PSSSSS! I kinda freaked out for about a second or two, then I saw a fridge bowing down, leaning on a bench, colas and other bevereges are scattered all over the floor. 1st thing that crossed my mind is to jump in and grab myself a free drink and just fade away in the crowd, wooo free drinks! 2nd, to take a picture of the scene. I did my second option.

Lesson: Nobody stole anything, stead, a lot helped to lift the fridge back up and organize the drinks (while I was taking a pic. lol). The Filipino still has hope, i don't. God bless our home.

FLIP's 1st bday!!

It's been a year of writing random thoughts, weird fictions, weird irl experience, and... basically, all my posts are random and weird (and to some people who has extremely weird humor, funny).

Thanks to all funny little island readers out there! keep on reading FLIP and I'll keep on writing shit.XD again, thank you and happy bday FLIP!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tasha or Maja?

okay, Tasha or Maja?

Maja-the girl I've been crushing on ever since sukob. my dream girl.

Natasha-two words, one number and a mathematical symbol... i <3 her.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My London Crush is finally here!!

her first 3 days here in Philippines with the happiest guy in world. XD

Friday, July 17, 2009

Seven Days and Seven Nights

Acedia is seven days and seven nights late on every deadly meeting. All the other sin sisters adapted on this habit of their lazy sister and eventually decided to all show up on the seventh night to save the trouble of waiting. But this time, a figure of a long haired female is curled under the shade of a lazy tree. She stayed there, silent, still, unmoving..she seemed lifeless except when she turns her head on every sound on the ground that would only turn out to be rabbit or a little mouse or a squirrel. She waited on that tree for six days and six nights. Seventh day… no sign of any sins except for Sloth… the sun is setting, as darkness slowly swallows daylight, Acedia saw a silhouette, obscured by the last beam of the red sun. she waited.. she waited for seven days, she can wait for another seven seconds. One.. the figure slowly walks towards a circle of seven trees, one is curved, almost touching the ground with its lazy branches, the other six, lifeless. Two.. the darkness, slowly burying the sun. Three.. and the once obscured image was now recognizable under the dim of the night. Four.. the animals gone berserk as she walks pass them, there are no wild predators, mostly little rabbits, squirrels, beavers, rodents and birds, and all this little creatures fought for their lives. Five.. they were all engulfed by anger, biting and clawing and killing. Six.. it was a blood bath, the once green grass is now painted by crimson blood with the stench of hatred, anger and wrath. 7.. The seventh night. Ira has arrived.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Master Hayden

All hail King Hayden!! who's hungry for some baked mussels? smells like fish, tastes like a chicken!

try the new flavor of Hรคyden Dazs. every pint comes with a hayden cam.

Jb just took the "What animal represents your spirit?" quiz

Hahaha! Out of boredom, I took this quiz on facebook (I do fb quizzes when im bored) and I was impressed by the result:

You are a wolf personality--one of the most sought-after personality groupings in the world, mainly due to the respect and kinship the wolves have had from mankind in many cultures and societies. The Wolf Personality or spirit tends to fit a very determined and hardy individual: after all wolves have been found in climates ranging from deserts to frozen tundra. Wolves have been respected and feared in mythology of almost many different mythologies and folklore. Many people assume that this personality type makes them a lone wolf--and though that is the case in some they are extremely few and far between. Like most wolves in nature, wolf personalities tend to thrive in a social structure. Wolves have many friends that they do everything with, strong friends that they are loyal to, as the wolf spirit usually inspires others to be loyal towards them. This is very true when it comes to relationships: wolf personalities make strong connections with other people and even if a relationship ends most wolves tend to stay in contact with their former lovers. Wolves are typified by their unwavering loyalty, close relationships and determined dispositions. Wolves are great with other wolves and horses and foxes, but should avoid tigers, eagles, rabbits and bears.

Wolf wolf wolf. Nice:D
it perfectly described the blogger.

Monday, May 4, 2009

PH vs. LDN

Ricky Hatton is falling down, falling down, falling down. -end-

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Butchie's @ Ruffa & Ai

something to promote my cousin's resto in wilson street greenhills.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Vacation: blogging break

expect more post when school resumes (june), when I'm bored again.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Here are some of my paintings that I made this semester. I decided to post em here coz I figured maybe my readers, being normal people that are NOT-fine-arts-students-who-can-criticize-a-fuckin-garbage-painting, can appreciate them. :)

LDN skyline
abstract impressionism

I painted this for my girl from LDN. I never had the chance to pass this coz I wasn't attending class that time. lol

here are the paintings for the final week.


a 1 hour painting, I need to meet the freakin deadline and the painting has to be pontillism! so, there you go, a product of serious cramming.

believe me or not, this 2 are self portraits.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Fan signs^^

we we're bored^^ lol. which is better? hehehe.

FLIP virgins

To my new readers, I have been slacking off lately, so in case you're reading my recent posts and you're having quite a laugh already or if you find them boring, please check out this label author's favorite-my older posts which are a lot more funnier/sensible/random.

We ask that you please fasten your seatbelts at this time and try to bare with the blogger's random humor. We also ask that you keep your feet away from your PC's AVR for take-off. Please turn off all personal electronic devices and close all tabs including your facebook/friendster. Alt-Tabing is prohibited for the duration of the flight.

Thank you for choosing FLIP. Enjoy your flight.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

R.I.P. Dennis

Dennis Narciso
he barked, he bit, he died

No yosi, no post

For the past few weeks, my dad has been staying here with me in Manila. I don’t know the reason why, maybe he’s here to check up on me if I am really going to school! Well I have been going to school regularly now, for one because I was on the merge of being dropped! Oh and my professor talked to my dad about that, it came out unexpectedly smoothly, we had breakfast at mickey d’s after their meeting, as if I being almost kicked out was nothing! Lol. So my dad being here means me having to suffer yosi control! Yes, I’m 19 and I still ain’t allowed to smoke! So here’s a theory, I think me being unable to smoke regularly has something to do with my infrequent blog posts. Or not… ok I confess! The reason why I have been slacking off lately because I’ve been playing Grand Chase for the past 2 weeks! Plus I’ve been watching Soul Eater (a great anime btw). I have lots of distractions lately so I’ll just try to keep up with my regular post frequency:P

Friday, February 27, 2009

Pussies and Bitches

dirty tourist: hey! you from here kid?
JB: uh huh.
dirty tourist: yah know where i can find pussies and bitches? if yah know what i mean. hehe.
JB: I know a place. common I'll take you there.
dirty tourist: oh great, let's go (yah don't look like a pimp kiddo)
JB: here it is:) *runs away* GOTCHA YOU PERV!
dirty tourist: little bastard!

Just my luck

look i got a cab! nah just a big coincidence >_<

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

How to really make a girl happy

here's Natasha's list on How to make a girl happy on her blog, so i decided to post it here with a lil twist of F.L.I.P.

1. While you hold her hand play with her fingers.
JaBa: hold her hands with your one hand, then play with your finger of your other hand.
2. tickle her and make her laugh
JaBa: yup, still using your fingers, finding the spot is the key.
3. kiss her
JaBa: uh huh, right there.
4. and dont only kiss her on her lips, kissing her on the cheek and forehead is cute too
JaBa: I know it’s called “the other lip” but I didn’t know it has a forehead!
5. hold her waist
JaBa: for support, you don't want her tilting to the right or to the left. or maybe you do.
6. hug her while you're behind her and rest your head on her shoulder,
JaBa: let me rephrase that: hug her behind and rest your head.
7. whisper you love her in her ear
JaBa: a little sliding of the tongue wont hurt:P
8. tell her she’s beautiful.
JaBa: beautiful on her nurse costume you just bought.
9. look her in the eyes and smile when you’re thinking of her.
JaBa: it’s easy to smile when you have loads of erotic thoughts swarming on your brain.
10. tell her you never want her to let you go.
JaBa: sometimes, she doesn’t want you to let go. Hence “pag binunot mo yan, papatayin kita”. (no translation available, it won’t really make any sense that way.)

if you truly know how to make a girl happy, she'll definitely crave for it that she'll want it more than you do. if you know what i mean. :P

Doyle & Cedine II

Doyle's reply

Ms. Cedine

Umm.. hi! And uh, as you can see, I’m not really familiar on writing formal letters as well, so please don’t even bother being formal on me :)(the smile is to prove to you that I’m being really casual on First of all, thank you for reading and for constantly visiting my blog, I very much appreciate you writing me a letter. It just made me more inspired and fueled to write more of my nonsense stories. It flatters me to know that you are actually reading my posts over and over; I didn’t even imagine anyone would read it even once. And about the paintings, they are actually a product of my “rush” nature, meaning I spend only a good 15-20 mins on them. So please don’t overrate them, they’re not worth praising for.XD. Sceleris is also my favorite work, and I do love every character, I'm glad you love it too, though I'm kinda scared at first that people won't get it, or that it's just too deep or too complicated but i guess some did get it and appreciated it:) It says on your address that you’re from Steedshire, you see, I grew up there, I call it my home even though I haven’t been there ever since I settled here in Rockfort, I still remember the old mill up on the hill, is it still there? Oops, looks like I’m smothering you with my reminiscing now, lol. Oh and I love your little gift! Thank you! Now I feel more special, and make me wanna write a post this instant! And no, it’s not troublesome for me to write al letter, though I have a little secret… this is the first letter I’ve ever written:)

Many thanks,
Doyle, author of Fabula

Doyle & Cedine

Cedine's 1st letter

Sir Doyle,

Good day sir or perhaps good evening... well it depends. Forgive my informality, I’m not really sure how to make a proper letter but I want this to be as formal as I can, that’s why I wrote an actual letter rather than sending you an e-mail (though I had a hard time goggling you’re postal address). You see, I’ve been reading your posts on your blog for quite some time now, and I’ve enjoyed or even been inspired by your works. Your fictions are remarkable and some of them are really awe-inspiring, I’ve been reading and rereading them every now and then. I think the Sceleris series is your greatest work! I love how you give the characters their distinctive personalities and how it resembles them. And I do love your paintings, I’m just wondering how long does it take for you to paint such masterpieces? You have great talent and I like the way you combine them to make a great work of art. I will keep on visiting Fabula and I’ll keep on reading and rereading your works. You must be thinking, “what a stalker?” right? Hehehe, please do bear with me, I just really like your blog and I hope you respond on this letter. If writing a letter is troublesome for you, please send me an e-mail, I wrote it on the back of this paper (so informal of me) alongside my other contact details. I have sent you a little something to show my appreciation for inspiring me with your works, I hope you like it, ummm it’s just right there in the envelope together with this letter.

Good luck on Fabula, and please do write more remarkable writings, and please reply. Tnx!


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Heart's day post

7:05 am, Valentine's day 09

this post has nothing to do with valentine's day except for the title and the date when it's written, i just felt like writing so wtf. well maybe it's quite associated after all.

I've just read Sir Wayne's last post (Many Thanks) on Wayne Austen's Dairies which is about the closing of his blog and I thought, we have the same reasons that leads to his blog's closing (in my case "seldom posting"). for one, is that i have fortunately found a happier distraction. Strange as it may seem, I found it easier to write F.L.I.P. when I was lonely and bored than now, when I am happy and settled. (the last sentence was actually his, i just did a lil renditon to support my case) i'll try to recuperate my past frequency of my posts, hence i'm writing this post.XD. though im kinda afraid that the quality might suffer, but what the heck. lol

since i can't think of anything to write anymore, here's a random convo
(conversed while i'm writing this actual post)

PH 7:50am Vday
LDN 11:50pm Vday eve

Natasha: do you like surprises ?
JB: dunno, lol
Natasha: lols, why?
JB: i havn't been surprised. lol
Natasha: you havent ?
JB: coz when i smell somthing, i tend to sleuth. lol
Natasha: looooool. then they are kinda not good on keeping surprises or hiding it frm you.
JB: lol. perhaps. or im just really good on sleuthing. lol
Natasha: loools.

we kinda use "lol" a lot ay? XD

come to think of it, i started to write this post at 7:05am, now it's 7:56am, wtf!?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Silver casket

Toinkz: gray coat and black pants. i need your opinion.
JB: it's cool, as long as your casket is silver you're good to go.
Toikz: sonovabitch.

lesson learned: don't ask me random questions about fashion, unless you're on your funeral.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

No sleep but happy moments=]

Natasha Laxa, author

The effects of not doing work on time. i should know it by now but i guess i will just write about it

WOW.. I have never felt this tried when getting no sleep because of my projects and deadlines...i want to perfect my project... all im thinking right now is how sleepy i am, how badly i want to go to my bed, snuggle up and feel warm and just K.O. for a long time =]. that wont happen for these next few days unless, when i get home fom college i will just sleep untill next morning but, that wont happen. I have to thank my boyfriend for staying with me and saying " boo you can doo it " or saying " why dont you get some sleep" but me im like i cant sleep because time is gold. 2hours lost of power nap. was 2hours of gold time or drawing and making. You would think by looking at the picture on the right of 3 red bulls and one fizzy drink would keep me awake, but the funny thing is 3 red bulls didnt help me at all. But i guess that was no use to me, i still was not done by the time i had my deadline. so i ended up not going in. I actually didnt end up sleeping the whole of wednesday through all the way to thursday, no sleep at all, well added 2hours power nap but i couldnt actually get to sleep, it took me around 30mins or so to sleep. i waited untill around the time my boyfriend had to go to school (friday early morning). then finally went to sleep after nearly 2days no sleep =] heyyy that reminds me......

Before he had left for school or fallen asleep i had said something very sweet i think to him =]. he knows what it is, 3 small words one big meaning. At first, he didnt actually realise what i had said. he was like ow wait. i've just realised what you said. i think it took us another hour or more than an hour to get over the fact that i had finally said it to him =] . i can now breath as i have said i love him. I was just so loving seeing his smile. i couldnt love his smile when hes kilig ( getting butterflies) when i say such sweet things, especially when he is trying to hide that he is. I love his killer eyes, my soft spot is his eyes. i love everything about him. Basically I love you Mr John Benjamin Lazatin Narciso.

I couldnt have been more tired, its now early morning 9:00am (philippines time) 01.00am (ldn time) date saturday 7th feb 2009 and my body is feeling it now.. i have already had sleep but im dreading to go to work in around 9hours from now.. but basically i miss my boyfriend =]. and is just going to go to sleep now.

i dont have anything else to write but... im bored.. sitting in a room by myself. looking at baby jb's pictures and missing him. wondering if he will wake up soon. i guess not.

so good night =]

Monday, February 2, 2009


there is no snow here in ph so.... who wrote this then? hmm.. she's so sweet=] wish i could write on baha (flood, coz that's the closest thing we have to snow) to show her my appriciation. lol

come to think of it, my name already got to London and see snow but still i haven't done both. wtf!?

Sunday, February 1, 2009

01/30/09 imba

Part VII

This post is written because Migs insisted on it. He texted me saying that I need to post something because my blog is getting dull, but actually I figured out his “hidden agenda” and that is; to be finally mentioned on my blog! Fortunately, I’m on the “mood” to write at that time, when I was lying on the sofa, waiting for my breakfast, the T.V. was on, talking about anger management or something, but I wasn’t really watching… we just got home from manila by the way. And this is actually the ending of the story. So I’ll just start from the beginning…

Part I

It was planned that my friends in pampanga (Keith, Migs, Biboy, Einar and Adams) will go to manila to shop, then go clubbing, then go to a casino, then play dota. It was Friday, I woke up at around 5pm, yup, my body clock is on London time, courtesy of Ms. Natasha Laxa, my girlfriend who lives in London, coz we’ve been chatting/texting forever (still texting her while writing this draft, and while rewriting it on my laptop). I’ve been sleeping and waking like this for two weeks now, I know right? Unhealthy for the body, but I say it’s healthy for my heart.XD (tweetums cheesiness). Now back to the story… (here I jumped off the sofa to eat my favorite breakfast which is tuyo (dried lil fish) and scrambled eggs with onions)……[eating]……(back on the sofa, feeling fuckin full!) where was i… oh yeah, so I woke up at 5pm, Keith, a.k.a. Kate-that’s how Filipinos pronounce Keith, texted me, that they will be in Manila in an hour. I was alone in my room, Tash, a.k.a. Natasha, a.k.a. my boo, is still asleep, and it’s already 9am there in London. Not to mention she needs to go to work that day, okay I’ll stop here, I’m writing too much when I’m talking about my girl! Lol. Just bear with me, the blogger is hooked! Lol. So I just surfed the net to burn some time. At around 6, they texted me that they are already at the mall, which comes first before my place (that explains why they didn’t pick me up first, then go to the mall) so I lay there in my room, waiting for the time to pass by, and waiting for Tash to wake up! They kept on asking me if we’re already on the guest list in club Embassy. So I texted my friend and my cousin to confirm if we’re on the list… to make the long story short, we end up having two separate lists under two different people, meaning there are two sets of lists that has our names on it-which became unexpectedly useful later on the story.

The Fort

(I am very lazy, tired and sleepy at the moment so I’ll just shorten the whole story) after the mall, they went straight to my place. By this time, I’m already chatting with Natasha, while my friends are ransacking my fridge. Eventually, we are now going to the fort, we decided to have dinner there so that we’ll be near Embassy already. On the way there, we got lost. Lol. I insisted on buying a friggin map but they never listen! They preferred guessing if we’ll go right, straight or left, that’s 33.3% chance that we’ll get it right, but there are lots of right turns, left turns and straights so it doesn’t really work that way. So yeah, we wasted time and gas. We arrived at the fort at around… 10pm? I’m not really sure, but I guess it doesn’t really matter. We had dinner at Gerry’s grill, man we were so full! Embassy is just a 10 minute walk from Gerry’s, so me, Einar and Adams decided to walk through High Street (it’s like Philippine’s Rodeo Drive [my opinion]) but Keith, Biboy and Migs, the heavy weight’s of our group, decided to take a cab to go to the car! Redundant right? (here I decided to go to sleep then continue this draft when I feel like it)


(and now I woke up, had dinner [coz it’s already 6pm] and now, back to writing)


Eventually, we arrived at Embassy at around 11:30pm? We came early to avoid the stupid looooong line. We have a little problem though, Migs forgot to bring an I.D.! This means he won’t be able to get in! Here comes the unexpectedly useful duplicate list; our names are listed under two persons, one is Kat Zulueta and the other, Ivan Zalameda. So me, Einar, Keith, Biboy and Adams told the lady in the counter that we are under Kat Zulueta, so the lady already crossed out our names in the list to avoid duplication, but they don’t know that there is still a duplicate list under Ivan Zalameda. Here is our plan, Migs is going to use Einar’s other I.D. to get in; he actually looks like Einar on the picture. Though they don’t look alike in person, which is good because our plan is to make two Enar Feliciano’s! at first, Migs is too scared to take that risk. But coach Einar told him some inspiring things to him to build up his confidence (it reminds us of a scene on coach carter. Lol) after 15 mins on the line, (because the line got longer while Migs is still gathering all his courage) he fortunately fooled Embassy! We just witnessed a boy turned into a man older boy. Lol. While in the club, they had a couple of bottles and I just smoked my lungs out, because I don’t really drink. I just flaunt my moves coz I just love the attention! Lol. The place was packed with hot ladies, but who cares!? My girl is hotter! Bwahahahaha! Migs and Keith had their “fun”. Lol. We decided to took off after just an hour and a half or so, coz we still have other plans on our itinerary.


We got lost again….lol. well fortunately, we made it to the casino, I just love the ambiance, we are surrounded by cigarettes, cards and money…ahhhhh…nirvana. lol. Here’s the long story shortened: everybody loses except Einar. I won’t post the actual amount in case our parents might stumble upon my blog! lol


After the gruesome defeat on the casino. We decided to go meet our DotA opponents at the famous (for DotA players)/ unknown (for everyone else) Pacific Suites. The team was balanced, it’s going to be me, Keith, Migs, Biboy, and his brother Archie against Einar, Adams and three of our friends there in Pacific. The game started, at early game, it was a one sided battle in favor to the enemy, but we never give up… in mid game, hope was found! At end game, we slaughtered them! Bwahahaha!


On the way home… we got lost again! Lmfao! When we reached pampanga, me and Migs got home first because our house is nearer. I then asked the maid to cook me some tuyo and scrambled eggs. I sat on the sofa, turned on the T.V., then after a few minutes, I received a text message from Migs… now read the post all over again! Lol

Tweetums fact: Tash and I are exchanging text messages the whole time. Even while I’m writing all of this on my notebook. We’ve been like this for two weeks now. I love my boo and I love my London body clock! Lol

pictures from that night:

Fucking long post ay?

Saturday, January 31, 2009

The day he asked my mom the question

Ms. Natasha Laxa, author

How can I carry on our love story?

Her 5hours at work

the day was normal nothing special. She just had a decent day at work, finally had a talk with her manager and was said she was top sales person for the store =]. And personal targets had been exceeded =]. Which I was surprised because I didn’t actually expect it... But she had a good day and realized a lot. And left things behind that needed to be left behind... Whilst texting him at work, smiling and getting butterflies because of the overly sweet text's that he had been sending, had been making her day go by quicker and happier whilst being another form of inspiration to do well at work...Work had finished and I decided to go home, but then again my mom had called and said we would go eat nandos (for those who don’t know it’s a famous chicken place here in London which is so nice like really nice)..

Dinner at nandos with mom and Auntie Nina

what can I say I was so hungry, not really talking to them just eating. But then I realized let me just tell my mom I have someone new now=]. I couldn’t be happier to tell them about him. And how he is showing good will and has goals in his life and also has talent. Saying how he lives nearby to where we live. Also saying I had met him through my cuz gum (renz). Couldn’t be happier with meeting him. (But yea. that’s just derailing me of my story) they though he was young but I was like no he is not, he’s 19. =]. Carried on telling what they asked... whilst i was eating and telling mom and auntie about JB... i was texting him. (As usual we are texting 24/7 so that we keep the spark alive). He said mention this mention that =]. So I did. They seemed pleased...

his intro to himself began...
he then asked me

JB: "ur with them na? paki sabi "gud evening po tita n tito n kuya richard" nd d ako na22log 4 u my baby" (trans: i won’t go to sleep 4 u my baby)
but he didnt realise that i wasn’t with my dad or kuya i was just my mom and auntie Nina (mom of gum aka renz) i told him that i wasn’t with them then he just replied to me
JB: " i didn’t know nanjan din pala mom ni gum! lols paki sabi "mayap a bengi pu kekayu titas" =] (trans: i didn’t know gums mom is there lol please say "good evening to you aunties"

they ended up saying the same thing back to him. so i texted him back saying that they said the same thing back to him as a pleasant reply. man if you would see the smile on my face, it’s just like wow..i was happy that he formally introduced himself to my mom and auntie even if it was just by a simple text saying hello. By the time i had got home from work and eating, we were still texting he then asked me:

big moment question was then asked

JB: lam ba nilang tau na? if not paki sabi " pede ke pung paglolon ing malagu nyung anak" (trans: would it be okay if i go out with your pretty child).
in between i told my mom “read please” he texted you this and read. as she was being lazy i read it to her instead and she gave me the answer; as long as he takes care of me and don’t do what the last one did.

TASHA: i replied my mom said yes as long as you take care of me. (i was also thinking wow as simple as that she said yes to him)
straight away i texted him i was happy meaning my mom knows about their daughter Natasha and jb being together =].

he replied
JB: "hey does this mean legal na tau!? ha? ha? ha? inaantok n ko pero bigla akong nagising! pinabasa mo?! meaning lam nya n tau na?!?! holy! this is too good to be true! effing surreal man! ang saya saya ko right now! possibly d most happiest moment in my life! NO im positive! the happiest moment in my life so far =].
(trans: hey does the mean we are legal now? ha ha ha? I’m sleepy but i all of a sudden woke up! did you let her read it.? meaning she knows its us now? holy! this is too good to be true! effing surreal man! I’m so happy right now. possible the most happiest moment in my life! no I’m positive the happiest moment in my life so far!)

i was thinking to myself. "omg i couldn’t be happier as well. smiling from ear to ear. was like a smile that i haven’t had in this context like from a guy in a long time"
that was such a perfect end to a perfect day. i was so happy. and still am happy to this moment of me writing this blog. it still gives me the feeling that i felt when first reading it. i would read it over and over again and still get the same feeling. but i guess he’s someone who knows the real meaning of someone... till this moment we are still non-stop texting butterflies feeling... smiling constantly even if he is thousands of miles away from me in Philippines and i am in london. one blink of an eye we will see each other soon.

our potential love story isn’t a potential one. IT IS A LOVE STORY. =]

jasha love team =]


signed Natasha Maria Marquez laxa writer...=]

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Part I

1st night at the club (which became more than a club for us XD) at first, everything seems normal, normal in the sense that I wasn’t expecting anything special to happen or to meet anyone special on that matter. All seems… yup normal, until I saw this girl on the next table, I know, it is normal to see a pretty lady in the club, but she ain’t no ordinary girl. One look at her, I knew there’s something different, in which you can’t define different, basically, I didn’t know what I really felt that time, but I was positive that t’was a good thing, but I was wrong, it was a great thing actually!

After minutes of checking her out secretly, (coz this dude beside her kept staring at me when I’m staring at her) I saw my friend Gum, sitting there in the same table! I was like, ‘Holy! He knows her!’, then Gum approached me. Course I asked who’s the girl, DRUMROLL* turns out she is his cousin from London! I was like, damn! I love London and I love her! Lol. Oh yeah, the guy sitting beside her is actually her older brother! Hahahaha. So after knowing that she ain’t got a date, I was like ‘yo Gum, can you introduce me to your cousin?’ then he said ‘you want to? She likes guys who can dance’ (Gum have seen me dance, he knows I’ve got some moves. Lol) then I said ‘are you saying she likes me?’ then he was like ‘dunno’ with a mocking grin to back his answer up. I took that as nothing when I should be gathering my guts to introduce myself! Lol. Here’s a revelation, I’m a very shy person when it comes to that area, I mean, basically, I don’t have the guts to introduce myself to pretty ladies! Lol. After a couple of minutes of just staring at her, my friends decided to go to a near casino, I decided to stay for two reasons, because I don’t gamble and because I’m still gathering all the guts I can get to be able to approach my lady!

My friends got back with wide smiles on their faces, fortunately they won big time. XD. Yes, I’m still on a corner, thinking what to say to her, how pathetic. T.T

So the first meeting didn’t go well. To worsen my despair, I learned that she’ll be back in London in a couple of weeks. I was beginning to lose hope…


Part II

2nd night at the club (yup, the same club as before) this time, I’m with my friends from manila, my condo mates. I wasn’t really expecting to see her again because I assumed that she already left the country. While I was greeting my other friends (I got loads of friends that hang out at that club) I saw her again with her cousins, I instinctively, almost immediately told my friends that I’ve been wanting to know her. Then Gum appeared again, and then he was like, ‘she’s here with us, want me to introduce you to her?’ unfortunately, my shyness got the best of me, I said no. Fuck me right?

I partied “normally” with my friends, not thinking about her, thinking that it’s already too late for our “formal introduction”. They took off before us, after a couple of minutes we decided to go as well. I think I should mention that two of my friends threw up due to the margarita that my friend (dj johenn) offered them. Lol. So while my friend was throwing up at Jollibee (funny right?) Gum texted me, he asked ‘is your friend throwing up? Look up, we’re here at coffee academy, 2nd level’. Coffee Academy is just across the street in front of Jollibee, so I crossed the highway to meet him, and hopefully to see her. Unfortunately Gum went down by himself, he even asked me, again, if I would want to go upstairs and, yup, finally meet his cousin, and again, I said no! fuck me again! Well, because I’ll be too shy being introduced to her in front of her cousins! I’ll probably go red, maroon maybe. End of chapter II.

JB-still zero.

Part III

Everything’s back to normal, I’m here in manila again, cutting class. God’s grace shined upon me! I saw her on friendster! On my who’s viewed me list! I was like yelling ‘London crush viewed me on friendster!!!’. So I send her a message right away! (uh huh, got the guts to do that! Lol) and then she replied almost immediately, meaning she’s online! So I asked her if she got yahoo messenger, she gave it to me. Then after that, everything falls into place, just how I wanted it to:)


There are lots of untold revelations here. I didn’t write em coz I would love it if she’ll be the one confessing them! Right honey bun? XD

We’ve been chatting and texting constantly frequent now. Hope you guys liked our little story. And yes, this one’s a potential love story. lol


From your girl next door (but all the way in london)

Ms. Natasha Laxa, author

Where can i start. Mr John Benjamin Lazatin Narciso. [ wow i called you via your full name] first time i had actually seen you was while i was on holiday just a few weeks ago clubbing in a club called S Club right =]. Last time i had seen you was just last week. That's just a memorable place now. Well for me at least. What can i say. I met you through my cuz gum but not really seeing as he didn't even introduce us or you couldn't introduce yourself and neither could i. But that's okay. Better late than never right =]. As i said before you seem like a very intelligent, sweet, funny, CHEESEY so far that's what i can describe you as=] but i know there's more words i can describe you as. =]. I love your photography. Your a real artist and has a thing for art, we are the same there =]. Artists admire other artist’s work like i do to your work =] guess you didn't know that huh. First saw you move to Chris brown – Forever in sclub i was like.. “hmmmm” LOVE IT. =p “this guy who i think looks ‘guwapo’ can dance really good, i would have loved to see more”. What else can i say, I guess we have the same passion for beaches being a paradise and a love for dance. Still haven't had that first dance. Should come soon tho =] i hardly saw you out and about but the moments that i did see you was like.. my eyes were glued to you. Its like.. “will he ever look at me – will we ever talk – will he ever look back – will he ever look at me” then i thought not. But i guess i was mistaken till this day I'm writing it.. i will say it again seeing as i just read something. I LOVE YOUR CHEESEYNESS [sorry i don't know if its a word but its my word]. LOVE IT BOO =] . for me its like we have known each other for a long time already. Its just so casual how we talk . your like the easiest person to talk to.. your also the first person who i have seen who looks guwapo [ good looking ] after no sleep for like 35hours=]. Your definitely appreciated not just by me but by many =]. Your such a simple guy and that's what i like about you..hmm what else could i say ?? first thing that made me laugh and thought wow we will click is.. your post on this blog of yours.. you said.. “I'm expecting a special guest from london. XD welcome to my blog:) feel free to read my nonsense posts! lol say hi to harry for me! Lol” that couldn't have made me laugh so much. I'm glad I’ve met you. I can see your slowly becoming special to me when i mean special very special..i just hope you don't leave and stay F.O.R.E.V.E.R. =] you have got the cutest smile. Especially in the picture where you haven't had any sleep for 35hours. Still looking good =] that's like my fav pic of you so far. i think right now I'm talking non-sense but who cares. I actually loved reading your blog. Something to do and pass time by.. i think i should just stop now just in case you get bored. Or people who read this get bored. But i don't want to be too sweet. Because you know anyways how sweet i can be =]. Sweet like candy. =] wow i'm catching on your cheesyness =] but I LOVE IT =]..

i hope your like what i have just written to you. =] nothing too exaggerated, something simple. You know we have our lil memories.cheesey but we LOVE IT =]..

from your girl next door [but all the way in london] . & h0ney bun =p

Ms Natasha Maria Marquez Laxa

Friday, January 16, 2009

I'm expecting a special guest from london. XD

welcome to my blog:) feel free to read my nonsense posts! lol

say hi to harry for me! lol

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Lhissa Emlott woke up in the middle of the night. She heard a girl screaming, a scream that is so terrifying that you can feel the pain just by hearing it. The scream didn’t last long; it stopped as if someone swallowed the sound. It stopped instantly.
Bothered, Lhissa knuckled the sand on her eyes; she waited for her eyes to adjust to the dark night’s dimness. Through the window she peered into the dark alley below, an obscured image that seemed to be a stout lady stared back at her with its deep black eyes. Stunned, she rubbed her eyes and blinked twice, then she looked once more, the lady was gone, she only saw a barrel that can be mistaken for a stout lady. She figured that her eyes were just cheating her earlier when she saw the lady. Lhissa went back to sleep.
Lhissa woke up. It is still night time when she decided to get up, she found herself standing on a dark alley, it only took her a few second to realize that it was the alley where she saw the lady with deep black eyes. She scanned the area; blood was all over the pavement, fresh red blood with blistering stench. Frightened, she ran franticly, regardless to where she’ll go, she ran as fast as she can. Lhissa looked back; she saw the lady standing in the middle of the scene, staring at her with its deep black eyes, with a mocking grin on its blood covered lips. She closed her eyes and continued running, she can feel that the lady was chasing her, she can hear the heavy footsteps of her pursuer, chunk every chunk squeezed against the blood stained road. Lhissa stepped on something that made her topple; she realized she stepped on a dismembered arm that looked like it was once belonged to a girl. Lhissa screamed a familiar scream, a scream that she heard before, a scream that is so terrifying that you can feel the pain just by hearing it. The lady with deep black eyes stood before her, she was having trouble getting up because the blood drenched road was slippery. She knew she won’t be able to get up in time, she felt the blood pulling her down as if they want her to suffer the same faith they had. The lady opened her mouth, it opened wide enough to swallow Lhissa whole. Her teeth was covered with yellowish slime that looked like what a little girl’s fat will look like. Her breath reeks of what a little girl’s flesh will smell like. Lhissa stared at the monsters mouth, at her inevitable death. And then Lhissa woke up.
‘Are you alright? You look terrible.’ Her Aunt Cechil asked her.
‘Just a bad dream’ said Lhissa. But she is not really sure if it was just a bad dream.
‘You should be careful Lhissa, many girls gone missing in the past few days, the folks claim that there is this monster who feed on little girls’
‘What monster? Was it a fat lady?’
‘How’d ya know that!? Yes, they say t’was a fat lady with very dark eyes’ Aunt Cechil gave Lhissa a stern look.
‘I saw her in my dreams’
‘Ya better stop reading those scary books of yours, told you they’ll give you nightmares’
Lhissa stares blankly outside the window; she no longer listens to what her Aunt is telling her. There are two things that Lhissa is sure of, one is that her books had nothing to do with her dream, and second, is that what she saw last night in the alley was indeed the fat lady with deep black eyes.