Thursday, August 26, 2010

For the one who got away...

In your life, you meet a lot of people, some you meet just by merely walking past them or some you just had a small talk with while waiting on a long line down at the coffee shop, some you meet when you go to school or work and some people you don’t even know but somehow you saw them somewhere which means for that sole reason they affected your life. Then you have friends, the people you choose to be with, the people who you need not to tell your problems and be there, the people who help you just by being there without them knowing that they are already helping. Then you’ll meet the first person who you think you “love” or perhaps you were truly in love, depends on how you see “love” itself. Then there goes the series of bitter sweet events, your first kiss, your first love, your first heartbreak, the first girl you lost your you-know-what to, and then the one you exchanged vows with, the one who will be there, your soulmate if you will…and ultimately, there is always the one that got away…

It’s been a long year and a half since I first saw Miss Natasha Maria Marquez Laxa. We were in love, that I am sure of. It may have been love at first sight, or second. She lives in London, and I, here in Philippines, we first saw each other when she was here on a December vacation, then eventually, she needs to go back to London. I’ve never been engaged on a long distance relationship before, or a “long” relationship on that matter. So basically, she was definitely a first. We were so in love, so in love that it’s safe to say that we are crazy in love. Our worlds revolved at each other, she was practically my life and I, hers. We waited for our time, the time when we will finally see each other as lovers. Days felt like months and months felt like years-an unavoidable cliché. That time came and all was perfect. Nothing can bring as apart, nothing’s gonna stop our love struck hearts, nothing… nothing but time, it was a month of happiness, a month of love, but the last day was an inevitable heartbreak. She was gone.

She’s back in London and our journey resumes. I wouldn’t want to write about all the things that we’ve been through, all that will remain, of course personal and private. We had our ups and downs, we had our share of faults and deficiencies but relying on love alone, our love survived a few more months. Love isn’t enough, it never was. Sometimes, even if you do everything in your power to save something, it is never enough. Even if you put your whole life into something, if it’s not for you, then it’s not, simple and cruel as that. I was never the perfect guy for her, I did hurt her, I did something and didn’t do that really wounded her… but I promise to you, my precious readers that I’ve done everything in my power to heal those wounds. But then what was that quote on that lady gaga song? "Trust is like a mirror, you can fix it if it's broken, but you can still see the crack in that mother fucker’s reflection." And no, just for the record, I didn’t cheat on her. Trust doesn’t solely mean that the other cheated the other. The love was still there, but not as bright as before. I think we will both agree that we had the right love in the right time but in the wrong fucking place. And I guess it’s too much for her to wait for someone that long or perhaps it’s my fault for not being someone worth waiting for. We had our love and now it is gone. We had a wonderful love story but sadly it ended tragically. I want to apologize to the readers for the lack of information written on this note. I hope you respect that I choose to keep some vital peaces private. I don’t even know why the hell I’m writing this. I just think it’s unfair not to end our love story here in FLIP seeing as I shared the first happy chapters. I expect you guys to wish the both of us good luck! And let this story be a collection of advices, lessons and guidance to anyone who is ready to feel the wrath of the cursed Love.

I would like you all flip readers to bear with me for this one very special moment. I ask you to get something, any kind of drink, a cola, coffee, juice or anything you can get out of your kitchen and join me on this final toast…

“for the irreplaceable someone who got away”

*tears and applauses*

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Miss Pinay

you don't get it. miss philippines is just too witty, so intellectual that her answer is a very clever and trivial one. what she did here, is answering the question by doing something that she never did before ergo she created a somewhat "staged" scene in which she did her ONE BIG MISTAKE.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Noise to my ears

Basically, people basically tend to overuse basically just to basically sound upper class-ish. So literally, if you literally noticed or literally not yet noticed, I’m literally talking about overused words. Don’t you just like, punch someone who like says like too much? Or fucking hit with a fuckin fuck those who fuckin say fucking fuck all the fucking time!? Sorry for ummm… the foul words… coz ummm… it’s just too ummm.. annoying… “um” is in the dictionary right?... ummm. Omg! Omg! Did you know that it’s just plain retarded when you actually say Ow-Ehm-Gee? And people don’t think you’re AWESOME every time you shout AWESOME. I mean seriously! This is just some serious shit. shit! There’s a reason that there are thousands of words in the dictionary. And you spit Webster in the face when you just use a couple of hundreds. I’m not saying I actually know a lot of words. In actuality I don’t, but please, don’t fucking use them over and over. It’s gay but I do tend to overuse words as well. Gay right? I’m sure I missed some if not a lot of overused words but I can’t forgive myself if I forgot to mention the 2nd most irritating overused word these days! Epic! The 1st is Fail. And the bastards are not satisfied with that. They even dared to combine their words from their oh so narrow vocabulary. Epic Fail.

Ironic that the “overuse” word was overused on writing about overused words. oh the irony!

now read the whole post again, but this time, read it out loud. annoying innit?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Quotes by Sir John Benjamin Narciso

"True knowledge is not about knowing the answers. It’s when you begin asking the right questions."
"Is palpitating from drinking too much overpriced coffee considered cardio exercise?"
"Best thing about your funeral is that you don’t have to prepare a speech."
"I’m not a girl not yet a woman-gay guy thinking of getting his sex changed."
"Reading and writing-the joys of life... not convinced? facebook and texting."
"Ano ang pagkakatulad ng lasing at ng galit? Parehong magaling mag English."