Friday, February 27, 2009

Pussies and Bitches

dirty tourist: hey! you from here kid?
JB: uh huh.
dirty tourist: yah know where i can find pussies and bitches? if yah know what i mean. hehe.
JB: I know a place. common I'll take you there.
dirty tourist: oh great, let's go (yah don't look like a pimp kiddo)
JB: here it is:) *runs away* GOTCHA YOU PERV!
dirty tourist: little bastard!

Just my luck

look i got a cab! nah just a big coincidence >_<

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

How to really make a girl happy

here's Natasha's list on How to make a girl happy on her blog, so i decided to post it here with a lil twist of F.L.I.P.

1. While you hold her hand play with her fingers.
JaBa: hold her hands with your one hand, then play with your finger of your other hand.
2. tickle her and make her laugh
JaBa: yup, still using your fingers, finding the spot is the key.
3. kiss her
JaBa: uh huh, right there.
4. and dont only kiss her on her lips, kissing her on the cheek and forehead is cute too
JaBa: I know it’s called “the other lip” but I didn’t know it has a forehead!
5. hold her waist
JaBa: for support, you don't want her tilting to the right or to the left. or maybe you do.
6. hug her while you're behind her and rest your head on her shoulder,
JaBa: let me rephrase that: hug her behind and rest your head.
7. whisper you love her in her ear
JaBa: a little sliding of the tongue wont hurt:P
8. tell her she’s beautiful.
JaBa: beautiful on her nurse costume you just bought.
9. look her in the eyes and smile when you’re thinking of her.
JaBa: it’s easy to smile when you have loads of erotic thoughts swarming on your brain.
10. tell her you never want her to let you go.
JaBa: sometimes, she doesn’t want you to let go. Hence “pag binunot mo yan, papatayin kita”. (no translation available, it won’t really make any sense that way.)

if you truly know how to make a girl happy, she'll definitely crave for it that she'll want it more than you do. if you know what i mean. :P

Doyle & Cedine II

Doyle's reply

Ms. Cedine

Umm.. hi! And uh, as you can see, I’m not really familiar on writing formal letters as well, so please don’t even bother being formal on me :)(the smile is to prove to you that I’m being really casual on First of all, thank you for reading and for constantly visiting my blog, I very much appreciate you writing me a letter. It just made me more inspired and fueled to write more of my nonsense stories. It flatters me to know that you are actually reading my posts over and over; I didn’t even imagine anyone would read it even once. And about the paintings, they are actually a product of my “rush” nature, meaning I spend only a good 15-20 mins on them. So please don’t overrate them, they’re not worth praising for.XD. Sceleris is also my favorite work, and I do love every character, I'm glad you love it too, though I'm kinda scared at first that people won't get it, or that it's just too deep or too complicated but i guess some did get it and appreciated it:) It says on your address that you’re from Steedshire, you see, I grew up there, I call it my home even though I haven’t been there ever since I settled here in Rockfort, I still remember the old mill up on the hill, is it still there? Oops, looks like I’m smothering you with my reminiscing now, lol. Oh and I love your little gift! Thank you! Now I feel more special, and make me wanna write a post this instant! And no, it’s not troublesome for me to write al letter, though I have a little secret… this is the first letter I’ve ever written:)

Many thanks,
Doyle, author of Fabula

Doyle & Cedine

Cedine's 1st letter

Sir Doyle,

Good day sir or perhaps good evening... well it depends. Forgive my informality, I’m not really sure how to make a proper letter but I want this to be as formal as I can, that’s why I wrote an actual letter rather than sending you an e-mail (though I had a hard time goggling you’re postal address). You see, I’ve been reading your posts on your blog for quite some time now, and I’ve enjoyed or even been inspired by your works. Your fictions are remarkable and some of them are really awe-inspiring, I’ve been reading and rereading them every now and then. I think the Sceleris series is your greatest work! I love how you give the characters their distinctive personalities and how it resembles them. And I do love your paintings, I’m just wondering how long does it take for you to paint such masterpieces? You have great talent and I like the way you combine them to make a great work of art. I will keep on visiting Fabula and I’ll keep on reading and rereading your works. You must be thinking, “what a stalker?” right? Hehehe, please do bear with me, I just really like your blog and I hope you respond on this letter. If writing a letter is troublesome for you, please send me an e-mail, I wrote it on the back of this paper (so informal of me) alongside my other contact details. I have sent you a little something to show my appreciation for inspiring me with your works, I hope you like it, ummm it’s just right there in the envelope together with this letter.

Good luck on Fabula, and please do write more remarkable writings, and please reply. Tnx!


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Heart's day post

7:05 am, Valentine's day 09

this post has nothing to do with valentine's day except for the title and the date when it's written, i just felt like writing so wtf. well maybe it's quite associated after all.

I've just read Sir Wayne's last post (Many Thanks) on Wayne Austen's Dairies which is about the closing of his blog and I thought, we have the same reasons that leads to his blog's closing (in my case "seldom posting"). for one, is that i have fortunately found a happier distraction. Strange as it may seem, I found it easier to write F.L.I.P. when I was lonely and bored than now, when I am happy and settled. (the last sentence was actually his, i just did a lil renditon to support my case) i'll try to recuperate my past frequency of my posts, hence i'm writing this post.XD. though im kinda afraid that the quality might suffer, but what the heck. lol

since i can't think of anything to write anymore, here's a random convo
(conversed while i'm writing this actual post)

PH 7:50am Vday
LDN 11:50pm Vday eve

Natasha: do you like surprises ?
JB: dunno, lol
Natasha: lols, why?
JB: i havn't been surprised. lol
Natasha: you havent ?
JB: coz when i smell somthing, i tend to sleuth. lol
Natasha: looooool. then they are kinda not good on keeping surprises or hiding it frm you.
JB: lol. perhaps. or im just really good on sleuthing. lol
Natasha: loools.

we kinda use "lol" a lot ay? XD

come to think of it, i started to write this post at 7:05am, now it's 7:56am, wtf!?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Silver casket

Toinkz: gray coat and black pants. i need your opinion.
JB: it's cool, as long as your casket is silver you're good to go.
Toikz: sonovabitch.

lesson learned: don't ask me random questions about fashion, unless you're on your funeral.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

No sleep but happy moments=]

Natasha Laxa, author

The effects of not doing work on time. i should know it by now but i guess i will just write about it

WOW.. I have never felt this tried when getting no sleep because of my projects and deadlines...i want to perfect my project... all im thinking right now is how sleepy i am, how badly i want to go to my bed, snuggle up and feel warm and just K.O. for a long time =]. that wont happen for these next few days unless, when i get home fom college i will just sleep untill next morning but, that wont happen. I have to thank my boyfriend for staying with me and saying " boo you can doo it " or saying " why dont you get some sleep" but me im like i cant sleep because time is gold. 2hours lost of power nap. was 2hours of gold time or drawing and making. You would think by looking at the picture on the right of 3 red bulls and one fizzy drink would keep me awake, but the funny thing is 3 red bulls didnt help me at all. But i guess that was no use to me, i still was not done by the time i had my deadline. so i ended up not going in. I actually didnt end up sleeping the whole of wednesday through all the way to thursday, no sleep at all, well added 2hours power nap but i couldnt actually get to sleep, it took me around 30mins or so to sleep. i waited untill around the time my boyfriend had to go to school (friday early morning). then finally went to sleep after nearly 2days no sleep =] heyyy that reminds me......

Before he had left for school or fallen asleep i had said something very sweet i think to him =]. he knows what it is, 3 small words one big meaning. At first, he didnt actually realise what i had said. he was like ow wait. i've just realised what you said. i think it took us another hour or more than an hour to get over the fact that i had finally said it to him =] . i can now breath as i have said i love him. I was just so loving seeing his smile. i couldnt love his smile when hes kilig ( getting butterflies) when i say such sweet things, especially when he is trying to hide that he is. I love his killer eyes, my soft spot is his eyes. i love everything about him. Basically I love you Mr John Benjamin Lazatin Narciso.

I couldnt have been more tired, its now early morning 9:00am (philippines time) 01.00am (ldn time) date saturday 7th feb 2009 and my body is feeling it now.. i have already had sleep but im dreading to go to work in around 9hours from now.. but basically i miss my boyfriend =]. and is just going to go to sleep now.

i dont have anything else to write but... im bored.. sitting in a room by myself. looking at baby jb's pictures and missing him. wondering if he will wake up soon. i guess not.

so good night =]

Monday, February 2, 2009


there is no snow here in ph so.... who wrote this then? hmm.. she's so sweet=] wish i could write on baha (flood, coz that's the closest thing we have to snow) to show her my appriciation. lol

come to think of it, my name already got to London and see snow but still i haven't done both. wtf!?

Sunday, February 1, 2009

01/30/09 imba

Part VII

This post is written because Migs insisted on it. He texted me saying that I need to post something because my blog is getting dull, but actually I figured out his “hidden agenda” and that is; to be finally mentioned on my blog! Fortunately, I’m on the “mood” to write at that time, when I was lying on the sofa, waiting for my breakfast, the T.V. was on, talking about anger management or something, but I wasn’t really watching… we just got home from manila by the way. And this is actually the ending of the story. So I’ll just start from the beginning…

Part I

It was planned that my friends in pampanga (Keith, Migs, Biboy, Einar and Adams) will go to manila to shop, then go clubbing, then go to a casino, then play dota. It was Friday, I woke up at around 5pm, yup, my body clock is on London time, courtesy of Ms. Natasha Laxa, my girlfriend who lives in London, coz we’ve been chatting/texting forever (still texting her while writing this draft, and while rewriting it on my laptop). I’ve been sleeping and waking like this for two weeks now, I know right? Unhealthy for the body, but I say it’s healthy for my heart.XD (tweetums cheesiness). Now back to the story… (here I jumped off the sofa to eat my favorite breakfast which is tuyo (dried lil fish) and scrambled eggs with onions)……[eating]……(back on the sofa, feeling fuckin full!) where was i… oh yeah, so I woke up at 5pm, Keith, a.k.a. Kate-that’s how Filipinos pronounce Keith, texted me, that they will be in Manila in an hour. I was alone in my room, Tash, a.k.a. Natasha, a.k.a. my boo, is still asleep, and it’s already 9am there in London. Not to mention she needs to go to work that day, okay I’ll stop here, I’m writing too much when I’m talking about my girl! Lol. Just bear with me, the blogger is hooked! Lol. So I just surfed the net to burn some time. At around 6, they texted me that they are already at the mall, which comes first before my place (that explains why they didn’t pick me up first, then go to the mall) so I lay there in my room, waiting for the time to pass by, and waiting for Tash to wake up! They kept on asking me if we’re already on the guest list in club Embassy. So I texted my friend and my cousin to confirm if we’re on the list… to make the long story short, we end up having two separate lists under two different people, meaning there are two sets of lists that has our names on it-which became unexpectedly useful later on the story.

The Fort

(I am very lazy, tired and sleepy at the moment so I’ll just shorten the whole story) after the mall, they went straight to my place. By this time, I’m already chatting with Natasha, while my friends are ransacking my fridge. Eventually, we are now going to the fort, we decided to have dinner there so that we’ll be near Embassy already. On the way there, we got lost. Lol. I insisted on buying a friggin map but they never listen! They preferred guessing if we’ll go right, straight or left, that’s 33.3% chance that we’ll get it right, but there are lots of right turns, left turns and straights so it doesn’t really work that way. So yeah, we wasted time and gas. We arrived at the fort at around… 10pm? I’m not really sure, but I guess it doesn’t really matter. We had dinner at Gerry’s grill, man we were so full! Embassy is just a 10 minute walk from Gerry’s, so me, Einar and Adams decided to walk through High Street (it’s like Philippine’s Rodeo Drive [my opinion]) but Keith, Biboy and Migs, the heavy weight’s of our group, decided to take a cab to go to the car! Redundant right? (here I decided to go to sleep then continue this draft when I feel like it)


(and now I woke up, had dinner [coz it’s already 6pm] and now, back to writing)


Eventually, we arrived at Embassy at around 11:30pm? We came early to avoid the stupid looooong line. We have a little problem though, Migs forgot to bring an I.D.! This means he won’t be able to get in! Here comes the unexpectedly useful duplicate list; our names are listed under two persons, one is Kat Zulueta and the other, Ivan Zalameda. So me, Einar, Keith, Biboy and Adams told the lady in the counter that we are under Kat Zulueta, so the lady already crossed out our names in the list to avoid duplication, but they don’t know that there is still a duplicate list under Ivan Zalameda. Here is our plan, Migs is going to use Einar’s other I.D. to get in; he actually looks like Einar on the picture. Though they don’t look alike in person, which is good because our plan is to make two Enar Feliciano’s! at first, Migs is too scared to take that risk. But coach Einar told him some inspiring things to him to build up his confidence (it reminds us of a scene on coach carter. Lol) after 15 mins on the line, (because the line got longer while Migs is still gathering all his courage) he fortunately fooled Embassy! We just witnessed a boy turned into a man older boy. Lol. While in the club, they had a couple of bottles and I just smoked my lungs out, because I don’t really drink. I just flaunt my moves coz I just love the attention! Lol. The place was packed with hot ladies, but who cares!? My girl is hotter! Bwahahahaha! Migs and Keith had their “fun”. Lol. We decided to took off after just an hour and a half or so, coz we still have other plans on our itinerary.


We got lost again….lol. well fortunately, we made it to the casino, I just love the ambiance, we are surrounded by cigarettes, cards and money…ahhhhh…nirvana. lol. Here’s the long story shortened: everybody loses except Einar. I won’t post the actual amount in case our parents might stumble upon my blog! lol


After the gruesome defeat on the casino. We decided to go meet our DotA opponents at the famous (for DotA players)/ unknown (for everyone else) Pacific Suites. The team was balanced, it’s going to be me, Keith, Migs, Biboy, and his brother Archie against Einar, Adams and three of our friends there in Pacific. The game started, at early game, it was a one sided battle in favor to the enemy, but we never give up… in mid game, hope was found! At end game, we slaughtered them! Bwahahaha!


On the way home… we got lost again! Lmfao! When we reached pampanga, me and Migs got home first because our house is nearer. I then asked the maid to cook me some tuyo and scrambled eggs. I sat on the sofa, turned on the T.V., then after a few minutes, I received a text message from Migs… now read the post all over again! Lol

Tweetums fact: Tash and I are exchanging text messages the whole time. Even while I’m writing all of this on my notebook. We’ve been like this for two weeks now. I love my boo and I love my London body clock! Lol

pictures from that night:

Fucking long post ay?