Saturday, January 17, 2009

From your girl next door (but all the way in london)

Ms. Natasha Laxa, author

Where can i start. Mr John Benjamin Lazatin Narciso. [ wow i called you via your full name] first time i had actually seen you was while i was on holiday just a few weeks ago clubbing in a club called S Club right =]. Last time i had seen you was just last week. That's just a memorable place now. Well for me at least. What can i say. I met you through my cuz gum but not really seeing as he didn't even introduce us or you couldn't introduce yourself and neither could i. But that's okay. Better late than never right =]. As i said before you seem like a very intelligent, sweet, funny, CHEESEY so far that's what i can describe you as=] but i know there's more words i can describe you as. =]. I love your photography. Your a real artist and has a thing for art, we are the same there =]. Artists admire other artist’s work like i do to your work =] guess you didn't know that huh. First saw you move to Chris brown – Forever in sclub i was like.. “hmmmm” LOVE IT. =p “this guy who i think looks ‘guwapo’ can dance really good, i would have loved to see more”. What else can i say, I guess we have the same passion for beaches being a paradise and a love for dance. Still haven't had that first dance. Should come soon tho =] i hardly saw you out and about but the moments that i did see you was like.. my eyes were glued to you. Its like.. “will he ever look at me – will we ever talk – will he ever look back – will he ever look at me” then i thought not. But i guess i was mistaken till this day I'm writing it.. i will say it again seeing as i just read something. I LOVE YOUR CHEESEYNESS [sorry i don't know if its a word but its my word]. LOVE IT BOO =] . for me its like we have known each other for a long time already. Its just so casual how we talk . your like the easiest person to talk to.. your also the first person who i have seen who looks guwapo [ good looking ] after no sleep for like 35hours=]. Your definitely appreciated not just by me but by many =]. Your such a simple guy and that's what i like about you..hmm what else could i say ?? first thing that made me laugh and thought wow we will click is.. your post on this blog of yours.. you said.. “I'm expecting a special guest from london. XD welcome to my blog:) feel free to read my nonsense posts! lol say hi to harry for me! Lol” that couldn't have made me laugh so much. I'm glad I’ve met you. I can see your slowly becoming special to me when i mean special very special..i just hope you don't leave and stay F.O.R.E.V.E.R. =] you have got the cutest smile. Especially in the picture where you haven't had any sleep for 35hours. Still looking good =] that's like my fav pic of you so far. i think right now I'm talking non-sense but who cares. I actually loved reading your blog. Something to do and pass time by.. i think i should just stop now just in case you get bored. Or people who read this get bored. But i don't want to be too sweet. Because you know anyways how sweet i can be =]. Sweet like candy. =] wow i'm catching on your cheesyness =] but I LOVE IT =]..

i hope your like what i have just written to you. =] nothing too exaggerated, something simple. You know we have our lil memories.cheesey but we LOVE IT =]..

from your girl next door [but all the way in london] . & h0ney bun =p

Ms Natasha Maria Marquez Laxa

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LOVE IT.. =]