Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Lhissa Emlott woke up in the middle of the night. She heard a girl screaming, a scream that is so terrifying that you can feel the pain just by hearing it. The scream didn’t last long; it stopped as if someone swallowed the sound. It stopped instantly.
Bothered, Lhissa knuckled the sand on her eyes; she waited for her eyes to adjust to the dark night’s dimness. Through the window she peered into the dark alley below, an obscured image that seemed to be a stout lady stared back at her with its deep black eyes. Stunned, she rubbed her eyes and blinked twice, then she looked once more, the lady was gone, she only saw a barrel that can be mistaken for a stout lady. She figured that her eyes were just cheating her earlier when she saw the lady. Lhissa went back to sleep.
Lhissa woke up. It is still night time when she decided to get up, she found herself standing on a dark alley, it only took her a few second to realize that it was the alley where she saw the lady with deep black eyes. She scanned the area; blood was all over the pavement, fresh red blood with blistering stench. Frightened, she ran franticly, regardless to where she’ll go, she ran as fast as she can. Lhissa looked back; she saw the lady standing in the middle of the scene, staring at her with its deep black eyes, with a mocking grin on its blood covered lips. She closed her eyes and continued running, she can feel that the lady was chasing her, she can hear the heavy footsteps of her pursuer, chunk every chunk squeezed against the blood stained road. Lhissa stepped on something that made her topple; she realized she stepped on a dismembered arm that looked like it was once belonged to a girl. Lhissa screamed a familiar scream, a scream that she heard before, a scream that is so terrifying that you can feel the pain just by hearing it. The lady with deep black eyes stood before her, she was having trouble getting up because the blood drenched road was slippery. She knew she won’t be able to get up in time, she felt the blood pulling her down as if they want her to suffer the same faith they had. The lady opened her mouth, it opened wide enough to swallow Lhissa whole. Her teeth was covered with yellowish slime that looked like what a little girl’s fat will look like. Her breath reeks of what a little girl’s flesh will smell like. Lhissa stared at the monsters mouth, at her inevitable death. And then Lhissa woke up.
‘Are you alright? You look terrible.’ Her Aunt Cechil asked her.
‘Just a bad dream’ said Lhissa. But she is not really sure if it was just a bad dream.
‘You should be careful Lhissa, many girls gone missing in the past few days, the folks claim that there is this monster who feed on little girls’
‘What monster? Was it a fat lady?’
‘How’d ya know that!? Yes, they say t’was a fat lady with very dark eyes’ Aunt Cechil gave Lhissa a stern look.
‘I saw her in my dreams’
‘Ya better stop reading those scary books of yours, told you they’ll give you nightmares’
Lhissa stares blankly outside the window; she no longer listens to what her Aunt is telling her. There are two things that Lhissa is sure of, one is that her books had nothing to do with her dream, and second, is that what she saw last night in the alley was indeed the fat lady with deep black eyes.

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