Saturday, July 2, 2011

Blah blah blah after a loooong time

What’s up FLIP!!... …. …. Hello? Anyone there? Jeeze, this blog is barren. Anyway, just a quick review of the latest transformers movie.

I’m still thinking if this one’s my favorite of the three, my mind is still unsure if it surpasses the first one. The action was there, awesome effects, funny and all that jazz. I just want to point out something here, and it’s about the “new chick”. I’m not a megan fox fan here, but compared to the “new chick” (which I don’t remember nor noticed her name and her character’s at all-and I can’t even be bothered to look her up in google which only proves how insignificant she is for me) I would say I liked megan fox better. Here’s a simple analogy; so we got megan fox who’s the hotwiring, body bending, decepticon killing chick who leaves a lasting impression-by this I’m referring to my memory of her leaning on bee in transformers 1 and her first scene in transformers 2, yup, the pretending-on-fixing-something-with-the-motorcycle-but-I’m-just-really-doing-this-so-i-can-flaunt-my-digitally-enhanced-killer-body-scene :D’’.
On the other hand we got the screaming bitch.

Thank you for reading and I hope that I’ll see more of me.