Thursday, July 31, 2008

About the unexpected expected guest

The unexpected expected guest is a fiction based on the author's imagination. some "familiar" characters are characterized by the author's perception of their personalities. though some of the "so called facts" are inspired by Neil Gaiman's work (The Sandman). The story is original. i hope you'll like it. I guess it's worth reading.

(the "JC" post is actually a prologue of the unexpected expected guest.)

The Unexpected Expected Guest

???: John Benjamin....
JB: huh? whose that!?
???: oh, sorry my child, did i scare you?
JB: not really, no. are you who i think you are?
???: yes
JB: oh... so you are THE "father"
g: i see you have met my son. yes i am his father.
JB: am i "nightdreaming" again?
g: that is why i came here John Benjamin. you have questions that only I can answer.
JB: JB. please call me JB.
g: so, JB, is there something you want to learn? your future perhaps?
g: do you want anything from me? anything at all! material things? maybe you want me to erase some of your past? you know i can make that possible. i can give you riches beyond your imagination! i can give you anything you desire!

a moment of silence.....

JB: no sir, i have none. i love my life as it is. thank you for your offer.
g: are you sure you don't want anything? nothing?
JB: thanks. but no thanks...
g: come on JB. i know you. i know what you desire! i can give it to you! i can make it happen!
JB: give it up demon.
g: what!? are you accusing me of being a demon?! how dare you! im offering you things any other human cannot have!
JB: exactly.
g: you ungrateful humans!
JB: drop the act demon. you can't fool me!

it seems like a mosquito came out of the bogus god's eyes. and then its gone.

JB:YOU CAN DO BETTER THAN THIS! i expected better from you! if you want me. come to me yourself! and don't you dare send me more pathetic demons!
???: why so brave JB? i guess i groomed you well.
JB: nice to meet you too lucifer

Lucifer: please forgive Beelzebub’s demon. Mosquitoes are not the best actor after all.

Beelzebub: so he’s the kid huh?

JB: and you’re a bug huh?

Beelzebub: a bug? That’s not how you address a king! I am Beelzebub! ruler of all that flies!

JB: that doesn’t change anything. You are still a bug. BUG.

Beelzebub: don’t be too cocky human! I’ll turn you into something lower than bugs! Dust perhaps? Maybe after then you’ll respect a ruler of hell!

???: hold your slime bug friend. The kid… I mean JB didn’t say anything disrespectful did he? You ARE a bug after all.

Beelzebub: shut up azazel! my goat friend! I’m one of the three rulers of hell like yourself and lucy here! I won’t take any insults from any of you!

Lucifer: ehem.. the name is Lucifer. Show some seniority respect Beelzebub.

Beelzebub: I’ll call you whatever I wanna call you! You’re no longer the sole ruler of hell! We three are equal now!

Azazel: equal? Have you got any mirrors?

Lucifer: don’t pay them any minds JB, I apologize for their actions. may you forgive their foul nature.

JB: I didn’t know you guys apologize?

Lucifer: as long as we don’t mean it.

JB: makes sense.

Lucifer smiled, but not just any normal smile. A smile where you can see evil, where you can see pain, suffering…. Sins.

Lucifer: so… I believe you've met a new friend?

JB: so that’s what this is all about…

Lucifer: you are, after all, my favorite. Hahaha

JB: why me? Do I have evil ancestors or something?

Lucifer: you have doubts.

JB: …..

Azazel: and your new found friend somehow turned some of them into “faith”.

JB: well, you three are not really smart are you? I mean showing yourself to me only explains one thing. YOU ARE ALL REAL. Angels and demons exists. And you think I’m gonna fall for your little games? Maybe someone helped me, the angel Raguel perhaps? He’s my favorite after all. Lol

Lucifer: your absolutely right about all of that. Except for the Raguel part. You see… your angel of vengeance had fallen….

JB: so it is true….. but how?

Lucifer: no one knows. Why don’t you ask your goody good friends?

JB: …….

JB: why are you here anyway!

Lucifer: you called me, did you not? And my co rulers here decided to tag along. Were a triad after all.

JB: that’s not what I meant! I mean what are you going to do to me?!

Beelzebub: you’ll find out soon enough! You see, were smart enough for not telling you our plans!

Lucifer: let’s put it that way. Just think of this meeting as a friendly visit.

Beelzebub: you’ll be seeing us more often anyways. Don’t miss us.

JB: you can count on that!

Azazel: a word of advice: not everyone from the silver city tells the truth! I mean, look at me and Lucifer! we too came from heaven!

JB: what do you mean?

Beelzebub: he means. As former angels, they know heaven more than you do.

JB: ….. whatever.

Lucifer: I guess this is goodbye then, who knows what happens to hell while the three of us are away. till we meet again.

JB: nice seeing you guys. Thanks for the warning…….. Or threat..


JC: yo JB, I got something here for you. It’s from “Him”. I mean from my dad…

JB: you’re not really JC are you?

JC: I guess an angel can only lie once…. No I’m not the “Son”.

JB: I see. It’s your duty huh? You didn’t lie at all; you’re just doing what you’re supposed to do.

JC: will you forgive me?

JB: I don’t have to, you mean me no harm. You even saved me from that demon! That was you who helped me resist temptation!

JC: …

JB: if forgiveness will comfort you, I forgive you then. And thank you.

JC: thanks.

JB: so, HE sends you to warn me huh?

JC: You see, everything is his entire plan. Even that meeting you had with THEM. It’s all part of his game.

JB: I know… ummm… JC?... what is your real name anyway?

JC: I don’t have a name… I’ve done my purpose. And obviously, my purpose doesn’t need a name. a fake name, at least.

JB: can I name you JCkiel then?

JC: only if I can call you “John Benjamin”.

JB: lets just stick to our nicks. Lol

JC: lol

JC: ooops, sorry gotta go! I’m only supposed to bring you that letter. Hope HE’s not sending me to Hell! Lol

JCkiel took off, spreading his majestic wings….. a beautiful sight.

I slowly unrolled the scroll….

“Feed your faith and your doubts will starve to death”

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Knock out

Anyone would lose sight of creeping shadows while basking in bright light”

-a quote from “knock out” the anime that changed my body clock, nothing special…

Speaking of boxing, lets talk about cockroaches.. get it? (boxing-Manny Paquiao-coach Freddie Roach-cockroach)

a cockroach on the floor is an easy foe. Just stomp on it or whack it with your tsinelas! A cockroach crawling on the wall…. Nightmare! There is an 80% chance that it will go airborne! When it does…. Game over. Do the turtle defense with your blanket then suffer the buzzing sound of its creepy flapping see through wings!


Here’s another dream’s work production. Hope you’ll read it! I mean, hope you’ll like it!

???: hey!

JB: …

???: yo jb!

JB: who are you? Why do you know my name?!

???: who am i? ok, I don’t want to shock you so I’m gonna say this slowly.

JB: …

???: I am GOD

JB: o…k…..

JC: you might wanna call me JC, coz we don’t wanna use “thy name” in vain.

JB: well, your floating… so I guess I have to believe you right?

JC: oops.. I didn’t mean that, don’t want my heavenianas to worn out! Get it? Heaven-ianas! Ahahahaha…… whatever!

JB: …

JC: so… your doubting my existence huh? Here I am! Revelation is a bitch huh!

JB: are you really god?

JC: uh huh, God, Allah, Buddha.. etcetera, etcetera… those are just names. At the end of the day I’m still me. But I told you, you can call me JC. Coz that’s your religion. You know me as the “HT”. you know, the father, son & the HS.

JB: yah, I get it, J.C. Jesu-

JC: REMEMBER! 3rd commandment…

JB: oh yeah… wasn’t that the 2nd?

JC: hmmm. I’m not really sure either? Lol

JB: LOL… you look a lot older in your pictures huh?

JC: oh come on! You believe that?!

JB: I was joking….

JC: oh… I knew that. I look like this because I want you to see me as a normal person. I mean it will be a lot easier for you to talk to me this way.

JB: why did you show yourself to me in the first place?

JC: because your just nightdreaming!

JB: nightdeaming?

JC: it’s when you daydream at night!

JB: is there such word for that??

JC: come on JB, I created everything! What makes you think I can’t make my own words!

JB: if I’m just “nightdreaming”….. does that mean your not real?

JC: you’ll just have to figure that out yourself…

JB: (smiles) nicely put JC…. Nicely put…


There is this one time when we went to a casino, me, biboy and shaq. It’s game time! And yes, biboy is the only one who is risking money. I love my money, I treat them as my children, I don’t gamble with my children. Bet bet bet…. Biboy lost k’s. shaq and I won 2 glasses of free coke.

The beach

The next post was actually written in my planner/diary on jan 28, 08. I just want to rewrite it here for sharing.

Trip to boracay

The plane

The plane is no bigger than a Philippine rabbit bus! Ok I’m just joking. It’s slightly bigger than a bus +wings. There are approximately 23 narciso’s on the plane. So we are like riding a private plane, I know everyone except for the white guy with his bisaya pok2, a teen couple that will inevitably have an unwanted baby and other commoners that are to common to be noticed.

1st night

we went to guilly’s and partied with a bunch of white people! You know what white pips do on the dance floor? They do yoga handstand! Limbo rock and the chu chu train thing! And there is this white female who keeps on dragging us to the dance floor! (for what? To see how low can we go?!) I lit a cigarette as an excuse, perhaps when she see me busy with my cig, she wont bother me! But this lady is persistent! She grabbed my yosi and threw it in the ash tray! Oh shit….. white girls….

When I met her…

JB this is MJ, MJ this is JB…. That was the first time I smoked MJ! Ahahaaha, we were laughing and eating for hours! The next day, I smoked without telling them, guess what.. they can’t tell the difference between a normal JB and a stoned JB! LOL
(that was just for fun, I never smoked MJ again… at least that’s what I want you to think…lol)

The Dilemma

I went to my dorm with an obvious tan. It was actually our prelim exams when we were at boracay. Now I’m back looking like an eggnog (egoy+nognog). I need to pass seven paintings! Holy crap! Time to cram! Enough with school, coz that’s my least favorite topic. Here’s the real dilemma: day: jan 24 Thursday. Nicole (my balikbayan cousin) is leaving at jan 27. wowowee scheduled on Friday, jan 25. mass for lola at pampanga is also on Friday. Nicole should visit lola before leaving the country. So here’s what happened. We decided to go to pampanga on Thursday, since no one is taking us there, we took the bus! It’s nicole’s first time riding a bus here in the Philippines. we were seated at the back, then she suddenly asked: “JB, is there a washroom?”. I loled! Anyway, 2 birds in one stone, we visited lola and had an adventure during the process. Lol. all of those sacrifices for the love of wowowee!!! Guess what!? No wowowee for us! Coz at Saturday, it’s willy revillame’s birthday. Ergo, Friday’s wowowee is taped! God damn!

–p.s. I still have nicole’s hand print on my back because she didn’t apply the sun block evenly!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

tupac amaru shakur

I have this book about tupac shakur, and then I saw this one paragraph written by him, it goes:

I chase girls and want the car and loud music. But I like to think of myself as socially aware. I think there should be a drug class, a sex education class. A real sex education class. A class on police brutality. There should be a class on apartheid. There should be a class on why people are hungry, but there are not. There are classes on… gym. Physical education. Let’s learn volleyball.

What can I say, The black guy got a point.

Maybe this is the reason why black Americans choose basketball over volleyball ay? I mean, imagine lebron doing spikes instead of dunks! wahahha


I just want you to know that I started writing when I got this starbucks planner, it is supposedly a planner right? But I choose to use it as a journal/diary/autobiography/scratch paper/calendar.

Anyway, lets talk about starbucks….

Ahhhh. Starbucks, chatting with friends, enjoying each other’s company while sipping your over priced coffee. I can still remember that the oreo cheese cake before was only P70, but now what?! 100++? Miss can I ask for hi-ro instead of oreo? lol

One more thing. I have this thing with starbucks baristas, they never got my name right! Possible errors:

Tolerable mistakes: jv, jp, jay-vee, jaybee

Wtf mistakes: Jamie, jimmy, jay-me

Next time they ask for my name, I’ll be free!!

1 mocha frappe for free!! Hahahaha!


JB: what is love?

innocence: its when I met him…

JB: no, really. What does love means to you?

innocence: I told you! When he holds my hand, look me in the eyes and say I love you

JB: …

innocence: blah blah blah….. hey! Are you even listening?!

JB: huh? Whutt?

innocence: ok here’s the best part!

JB:*click*click BOOM!!

???: why did you kill that poor girl!?

JB: who the f*** are you!?

???: it’s me, the one your looking for

JB: …..

???: I am Love

JB: ……

Love: you don’t believe me do ya?

JB: who the f*** are you!?

Love: I am responsible for what you feel for your family and friends. I am a mother who works abroad, away from my family, in order to give them a good life. I am what a mother feels for her rebel son. I am a poor farmer who works my ass off to provide food for my family. I am a working student who study and works hard to buy my mother’s medicine. I'm a 62 year old taxi driver who roams the street till morning to feed my 12 children and 4 grand children. I'm a father who risks my life in the Middle East. A son who gives up his dream for his family. I am what you feel for…

JB: ok! I get it! I guess your telling the truth… you are Love!

Love: …….(smiles)

Innocence: hey! What’s the big idea! Why did you shoot me!

JB: and you’re still alive… (Sarcastic tone)

Innocence: I will never die! Innocence will always exist!

JB: Love, please educate this ignorant brat! Tell her love is not all about those fancy romantic fairy tales! Tell her its not all about holding hands, kissing and saying “I LOVE you!”

Love: she must learn it by herself…. She’s still innocent after all.

JB: innocence, can’t be retrieved when lost….

Innocence: that’s why I can’t die; I will die when I lost my innocence, when I gained wisdom…. But I will never learn!!! hahahaha

JB: *click*click

Innocence: oh…


Love: you love her don’t you?

JB: who? That brat!? Hell no!

Love: you know I'm not talking about innocence, do I have to say her name? (mocking smile)

JB: (gives the finger) ,,l,,

Love: well? Do you love her?

JB: I don’t know…. I’m still innocent after all….

Then suddenly I was alone…

Then I hear a voice

-you are in my realm jb….. you are in me….

Then a hooded man came….

???: who said that? Was that love? Or innocence?

JB: beats me, that wasn’t you?

???: I don’t know?? By the way, I'm mystery, and you are?

JB: JB, my name is JB…

dream’s work

maybe all writers have their own source of ideas. Perhaps a stick of a cigarette? Perhaps alcohol? Or maybe drugs?

As for me, its when I sleep, or should I say-when I'm trying to sleep. When I'm alone in my room, staring at the ceiling….. silence…. Peace…. Then suddenly, there goes a train loaded with ideas! Next thing I know, I'm holding a pen, writing everything on a peace of paper!

I like to think of them as wondering dreams… since I was there awake, having a hard time to sleep, I’ll just catch them then turn them into words… ergo I call them dream’s work.

The next post that I'm going to publish is a product of dream’s work.

Hope you’ll like it! Enjoy!

(the photo above is my painting of neil gaiman's character-dream)

Monday, July 28, 2008


"FLIP" i got this word from my cousin who lives in canada. he told me that's what they call pinoys in Toronto. it originally means Funny Little Island People. when i decided to make my own blog, i never thought of any names for it until i have to write something on the "name your blog" part. so i texted my cousins to ask for suggestions. then after 3 to 7 mins of texting, i decided to go with FLIP (which by the way is not suggested by any of my cousins). changing the people part to person. as for the fliperblog.blogspot part, well originally i want to go with but unfortunatelly it is no longer available. that's all for my first real post, just ignore the welcome thing, that was just a test:) lol.


Welcome to the Funny Little Island Person's Blog!


welcome to flip! yehey!