Saturday, July 24, 2010

A complaint letter

Dear M. Night Shyamalan,

What have you done with AVATAR!? yes I’m talking about the last air bender. 1st of all, what’s up with the fire nation being YOUR nation!? Common! I have nothing against Indians, and I think Dev Patel is the only decent actor in the movie, seeing as he does have that prince zukoness in him. I’m just saying fire nation should be and forever will be the imperial china type. And you really messed up on the story telling part. Sure it’s hard to make a movie out of the whole first season, but common! You could do better! Look at lord of the rings, a big fat lazy book turned into a phenomenal block buster! Back to the actors, the face of that bald kid is very annoying, and just because he can do those acrobat stuffs, he can already be aang? What’s up with katara and sokka over acting? Are you sure these guys can act? And you suck at making something humorous. The whole cast should have that funny/comical side. You clearly massacred the legend of aang… I’m looking forward to seeing uncle iroh, him being a very likable character, but what did you do? You made him look more sinister than the firelord himself! He is supposed to be a cute fat lovable old man! Jeezz!! It’s like Dragon Ball the movie with more budget. It’s really sad… it’s sad because people who watched the movie without watching the series are surely disappointed. I beg you, please do better with book 2. I know you can. I kind of liked you in the village so I’m still clinging on that little hope that you would do better.

P.S. make the earth benders look tough! Those earth benders on book 1 looks like poor Chinese guys who live in the bottom of the food chain.