Friday, October 9, 2009

37 Questions -p.s. I counted

Why do we live?
What is the purpose of living?
What happens when we die?
Is it like sleeping without dreams?
Are we going to be reincarnated?
Or perhaps our thoughts, habits, our being be recycled to be used or implanted to another being yet to be born or created for the next generation?
Is that the answer why I feel like someone I just met seems familiar?
Why do we dream?
What is dream? Is dream so different from reality because it’s not made by the elements of reality?
What is real?
Why is the universe so vast and infinity, yet we’re just able to exist in this tiny fraction of the wholeness of things?
Are we alone? I doubt we’re the only ones, such a big sea for a single fish.
Is there another world out there?
What are their concepts?
Perhaps they hold the answer to everything, or perhaps they hold a key for a chest that contains another chest.
People have problems, hopes, fears, doubts, defeats, victories, etc. if we look at the big picture, the REAL big picture, will they matter?
Is there a supreme being?
If there is, when will we understand him?
What are his plans?
If there is none, then how did all this start?
Who made this?
What is this?
Is technology able to comprehend the mystery of our existence?
When will we be able to unlock the door of wisdom?
Perhaps faith is necessary?
Is there an end to all this?
Will someone be responsible?
Perhaps the maker?
Or an anti-ife?
Someone who will turn the lights off, turn the chairs, shove the universe on a box, seal it with duct tape and lock it on a basement and hung a sign that says “closed”?
What then?
What happen next?
Will there be a next saga?
Or just a “to be continued” that won’t.
Or maybe he’ll just save it on a memory stick then reload when he wishes, and when it does, we won’t notice the difference.
How vast and limitless our brain is?
How much can we use?
How much is wasted?
Why am I asking these questions?
Am I the only one trying to comprehend such matter?
I only know this one fact; we live to learn.

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