Thursday, March 19, 2009


Here are some of my paintings that I made this semester. I decided to post em here coz I figured maybe my readers, being normal people that are NOT-fine-arts-students-who-can-criticize-a-fuckin-garbage-painting, can appreciate them. :)

LDN skyline
abstract impressionism

I painted this for my girl from LDN. I never had the chance to pass this coz I wasn't attending class that time. lol

here are the paintings for the final week.


a 1 hour painting, I need to meet the freakin deadline and the painting has to be pontillism! so, there you go, a product of serious cramming.

believe me or not, this 2 are self portraits.


nas<3 said...

i super love ur paining baby =D

and im proud of you... all these painting soo good. kahit crammed everything=]

very good..

and im not being biased just teling truth =]

rich said...

they're ok naman ah? I like the 1st & second one... :)

karis said...

Wow. Pinakagusto ko yung last one.