Wednesday, February 18, 2009

How to really make a girl happy

here's Natasha's list on How to make a girl happy on her blog, so i decided to post it here with a lil twist of F.L.I.P.

1. While you hold her hand play with her fingers.
JaBa: hold her hands with your one hand, then play with your finger of your other hand.
2. tickle her and make her laugh
JaBa: yup, still using your fingers, finding the spot is the key.
3. kiss her
JaBa: uh huh, right there.
4. and dont only kiss her on her lips, kissing her on the cheek and forehead is cute too
JaBa: I know it’s called “the other lip” but I didn’t know it has a forehead!
5. hold her waist
JaBa: for support, you don't want her tilting to the right or to the left. or maybe you do.
6. hug her while you're behind her and rest your head on her shoulder,
JaBa: let me rephrase that: hug her behind and rest your head.
7. whisper you love her in her ear
JaBa: a little sliding of the tongue wont hurt:P
8. tell her she’s beautiful.
JaBa: beautiful on her nurse costume you just bought.
9. look her in the eyes and smile when you’re thinking of her.
JaBa: it’s easy to smile when you have loads of erotic thoughts swarming on your brain.
10. tell her you never want her to let you go.
JaBa: sometimes, she doesn’t want you to let go. Hence “pag binunot mo yan, papatayin kita”. (no translation available, it won’t really make any sense that way.)

if you truly know how to make a girl happy, she'll definitely crave for it that she'll want it more than you do. if you know what i mean. :P

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