Thursday, March 12, 2009

No yosi, no post

For the past few weeks, my dad has been staying here with me in Manila. I don’t know the reason why, maybe he’s here to check up on me if I am really going to school! Well I have been going to school regularly now, for one because I was on the merge of being dropped! Oh and my professor talked to my dad about that, it came out unexpectedly smoothly, we had breakfast at mickey d’s after their meeting, as if I being almost kicked out was nothing! Lol. So my dad being here means me having to suffer yosi control! Yes, I’m 19 and I still ain’t allowed to smoke! So here’s a theory, I think me being unable to smoke regularly has something to do with my infrequent blog posts. Or not… ok I confess! The reason why I have been slacking off lately because I’ve been playing Grand Chase for the past 2 weeks! Plus I’ve been watching Soul Eater (a great anime btw). I have lots of distractions lately so I’ll just try to keep up with my regular post frequency:P

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