Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Doyle & Cedine II

Doyle's reply

Ms. Cedine

Umm.. hi! And uh, as you can see, I’m not really familiar on writing formal letters as well, so please don’t even bother being formal on me :)(the smile is to prove to you that I’m being really casual on First of all, thank you for reading and for constantly visiting my blog, I very much appreciate you writing me a letter. It just made me more inspired and fueled to write more of my nonsense stories. It flatters me to know that you are actually reading my posts over and over; I didn’t even imagine anyone would read it even once. And about the paintings, they are actually a product of my “rush” nature, meaning I spend only a good 15-20 mins on them. So please don’t overrate them, they’re not worth praising for.XD. Sceleris is also my favorite work, and I do love every character, I'm glad you love it too, though I'm kinda scared at first that people won't get it, or that it's just too deep or too complicated but i guess some did get it and appreciated it:) It says on your address that you’re from Steedshire, you see, I grew up there, I call it my home even though I haven’t been there ever since I settled here in Rockfort, I still remember the old mill up on the hill, is it still there? Oops, looks like I’m smothering you with my reminiscing now, lol. Oh and I love your little gift! Thank you! Now I feel more special, and make me wanna write a post this instant! And no, it’s not troublesome for me to write al letter, though I have a little secret… this is the first letter I’ve ever written:)

Many thanks,
Doyle, author of Fabula

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