Saturday, February 14, 2009

Heart's day post

7:05 am, Valentine's day 09

this post has nothing to do with valentine's day except for the title and the date when it's written, i just felt like writing so wtf. well maybe it's quite associated after all.

I've just read Sir Wayne's last post (Many Thanks) on Wayne Austen's Dairies which is about the closing of his blog and I thought, we have the same reasons that leads to his blog's closing (in my case "seldom posting"). for one, is that i have fortunately found a happier distraction. Strange as it may seem, I found it easier to write F.L.I.P. when I was lonely and bored than now, when I am happy and settled. (the last sentence was actually his, i just did a lil renditon to support my case) i'll try to recuperate my past frequency of my posts, hence i'm writing this post.XD. though im kinda afraid that the quality might suffer, but what the heck. lol

since i can't think of anything to write anymore, here's a random convo
(conversed while i'm writing this actual post)

PH 7:50am Vday
LDN 11:50pm Vday eve

Natasha: do you like surprises ?
JB: dunno, lol
Natasha: lols, why?
JB: i havn't been surprised. lol
Natasha: you havent ?
JB: coz when i smell somthing, i tend to sleuth. lol
Natasha: looooool. then they are kinda not good on keeping surprises or hiding it frm you.
JB: lol. perhaps. or im just really good on sleuthing. lol
Natasha: loools.

we kinda use "lol" a lot ay? XD

come to think of it, i started to write this post at 7:05am, now it's 7:56am, wtf!?

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nlc0n said...

such a random blog baby =] . lols.. love how u put our convo..