Saturday, February 7, 2009

No sleep but happy moments=]

Natasha Laxa, author

The effects of not doing work on time. i should know it by now but i guess i will just write about it

WOW.. I have never felt this tried when getting no sleep because of my projects and deadlines...i want to perfect my project... all im thinking right now is how sleepy i am, how badly i want to go to my bed, snuggle up and feel warm and just K.O. for a long time =]. that wont happen for these next few days unless, when i get home fom college i will just sleep untill next morning but, that wont happen. I have to thank my boyfriend for staying with me and saying " boo you can doo it " or saying " why dont you get some sleep" but me im like i cant sleep because time is gold. 2hours lost of power nap. was 2hours of gold time or drawing and making. You would think by looking at the picture on the right of 3 red bulls and one fizzy drink would keep me awake, but the funny thing is 3 red bulls didnt help me at all. But i guess that was no use to me, i still was not done by the time i had my deadline. so i ended up not going in. I actually didnt end up sleeping the whole of wednesday through all the way to thursday, no sleep at all, well added 2hours power nap but i couldnt actually get to sleep, it took me around 30mins or so to sleep. i waited untill around the time my boyfriend had to go to school (friday early morning). then finally went to sleep after nearly 2days no sleep =] heyyy that reminds me......

Before he had left for school or fallen asleep i had said something very sweet i think to him =]. he knows what it is, 3 small words one big meaning. At first, he didnt actually realise what i had said. he was like ow wait. i've just realised what you said. i think it took us another hour or more than an hour to get over the fact that i had finally said it to him =] . i can now breath as i have said i love him. I was just so loving seeing his smile. i couldnt love his smile when hes kilig ( getting butterflies) when i say such sweet things, especially when he is trying to hide that he is. I love his killer eyes, my soft spot is his eyes. i love everything about him. Basically I love you Mr John Benjamin Lazatin Narciso.

I couldnt have been more tired, its now early morning 9:00am (philippines time) 01.00am (ldn time) date saturday 7th feb 2009 and my body is feeling it now.. i have already had sleep but im dreading to go to work in around 9hours from now.. but basically i miss my boyfriend =]. and is just going to go to sleep now.

i dont have anything else to write but... im bored.. sitting in a room by myself. looking at baby jb's pictures and missing him. wondering if he will wake up soon. i guess not.

so good night =]

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