Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bow down

Back to blogging on a bus (writing notes on my phone). It’s been a while since the last time I rode a bus. It’s just that I’m too lazy to go home to Pampanga via bus, but since my girl (who I love more than anything) is in Pampanga for her four weeks vacation, I'll have to endure sitting with the lot of them commoners, kidding! I am no snob.XD so where was i? oh yes, as soon as my dad dropped me off in the bus station, then a little walk looking for my bus, PAK! BANG! PSSSSS! I kinda freaked out for about a second or two, then I saw a fridge bowing down, leaning on a bench, colas and other bevereges are scattered all over the floor. 1st thing that crossed my mind is to jump in and grab myself a free drink and just fade away in the crowd, wooo free drinks! 2nd, to take a picture of the scene. I did my second option.

Lesson: Nobody stole anything, stead, a lot helped to lift the fridge back up and organize the drinks (while I was taking a pic. lol). The Filipino still has hope, i don't. God bless our home.

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rich said...

lol in fairness... I'm expecting that some people would get drinks from the floor... XD I guess I'm just being mean thinking that way. XD