Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Why I blog

here are reasons why I blog.
  • to flaunt my unappreciated talent.
  • to impress my girl-friends (friends that are of the opposite sex)
  • blogging is a great way to show your intellectuality.
  • to share my thoughts with a twist of wit and humor.
  • to improve my english (my dream is to become a 24/7 call center agent [not really, no])
  • to be called a "writer".
  • to kill my boredom.
  • because writing in the net is free, plus my shiznit is well preserved here than in my starbucks planner.
  • because somehow, I have readers. XD
  • to be famous, hopefully I'll have a chance to meet Maja Salvador by then. (all this for you my love)
  • because blogs are unpublished books. meaning, if Michael Crichton (RIP) is a normal teenage boy of our generation with limited budget, he'll be starting his career here in blogger! lol
  • I'm hoping that I'll be the next Neil Gaiman, or better yet, the first JB Narciso.
  • for money, sex and power! bwahahahaha! joking! lol
  • the money part is true though, coz I accept gifts on envelopes. XD

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Romantic story?

A forwarded message from Julz…

Very romantic story:

A prince was cursed by a witch. He could only speak a word per year, but if he doesn’t, he could save the words for the next year. One day he saw a pretty princess and fell in love with her. He waited for nine years to say:

“my lady, I love you. Will you marry me?”

at ang sabi ng magaling na princesa…
(the stupid princess replied…)



So immediately/instinctively, I texted back my alternate ending…

Very romantic story:

A prince was cursed by a witch. He could only speak a word per year, but if he doesn’t, he could save the words for the next year. One day he saw a pretty princess and fell in love with her. He waited for nine years to say:

“my lady, I love you. Will you marry me?”

Turns out, the princess was cursed as well. She can only hear for a minute per year. She also saved it for nine years. After she saw the prince mouthing words, she “turned on” her hearing. How ironic that it was a little too late…


A year after that, they decided to talk and hear at the same time. The prince clears his throat before saying:


sinulit! hahahah!
(a clever/dumb way of making the most out of it ay?)

Lesson learned: learn to exchange notes.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Kissing 101

Kissing is like eating a sundae on a cone. It’s just like caressing the tip of the sundae with your lips with occasional sliding of the tongue, and in some cases, biting it.

you’re lips is like a drug to me, like my personal brand of chapstick

Monday, December 15, 2008

The other side of the JBJ story

Joyce Alviar, author

Here’s a diary-like story about a pair of new shoes, palpitating hearts and a lot of nonsense humor.. oh and by the way this post shall serve to be "the other side" of the JBJ story...

It all started when my friend JB "called" moi (as opposed to what he said that he TEXTED me.) Btw, he does call for me when he needs me... i just wanted to stress that he can get too desperate at times...Lol. I got nothing to do that night and I was bumming in front of the tv the moment i answered the rascal's call. I was obviously available, so I said yes. I wanted to do something else so i thought going to the mall wasn't bad at all (going out with him would be.. Lol.)

JB as the usual pain in me ass wanted me to go pick him up! what a prick! I'm fine with it though, since the way to the mall would mean passing by his place... oh yeah, Not a gentleman (not the reason why I broke him off though...Lol.) I arrived at his place the way he narrated it...

We chatted on and on inside the cab... Here goes a revelation~~he tried to hold my hand, right hand to be exact. My hand went off of his, as my initial reaction. Boy was he persevering Lol. I remember making my jokes work just to derail him off that awkward scene...

JB and I finally arrived the glorious location and decided to puff some cigarettes before entering (it's true that we're smoke machines.) The Hell with the signs, cause everywhere we spot a place to smoke we see a sign that says "Thank you for NOT smoking" ... But actually what we're meaning to say was... "We're NOT smoking you dummy... we're BREATHING!"Lol.

While inside the mall, my first instinct was to hold his arm like i always do with anyone I'm with when strolling the mall. (Girls do that since childhood ya know, with our dolls locked in one arm... I must've grown up with it.) As the devil have said it, we kinda looked like a couple... We're sure are cute for two ugly people (I take back my part on this phrase Lol.) While we were hopping from one store to another we noticed people staring at our locked hands. I wanted to laugh because I tried making guesses of what they were thinking while looking at us... everything I guessed only serves for my vanity...Lol. But what Jb and I have is only philial, that they cannot understand and it was like trippin strangers.

After Store hopping for shoes we went coffee shop hopping... (hey there Jb that's a good tongue twister [nonsense].) Here we talked of random things that made the people on the other table stop from their conversation and just listened to our sensible topics. and after realizing they were listening we crack ourselves with Fuckin corny jokes!! You guys know how this work, you must've thought "this two are nut cracks!!" Lol. I dunno what's with us, must've been the coffee or maybe just us...(I strongly believe it was just us. Lol.)

The topics of our conversation was so diverse, which the devil has enumerated already... And again I shared my knowledge on some of them... (Shit! This makes me more mature, not to mention older than the rascal. Suicide!) As we finished our drinks and flooded the ash tray with cigarette butts we decided to head home...

Lesson learned:
....I didn't really get anything from this meeting....
maybe i would the next time....
or the next....
or the next....

Translation for dummies: Don't go out with Jb...
Nah I hate to say this but you'll probably get stoked..

P.S. Shawty you're an Eight!

JB's note:
what can I say, the devil got even.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Here’s a diary-like story about a pair of new shoes, palpitating hearts and Spanish parents..

It all started when my friend, Biboy, who is a former thomasian (UST) and now a proud student of Angeles University (I’m not sarcastically dissin’ A.U. here, just wanna point out that UST, at some points, is overrated. Lol) bought his new shoes. Naturally I envied him! Lol. I told myself, I gotta have one too! Very spoiled brat-ish right? Don’t get me wrong though, my parents (Juanito & Rosalinda [no we’re not Spanish]) never raised a spoiled brat! I just sacrifice my needs to satisfy my wants! Lol. Holy crap where was I? Got derailed there for a second. Oh yeah, so I decided to get my own new krispy kicks!

Problem is, I’m in need of company, not that I’m not willing to go solo to the mall, which is very me when I got the urge/craving to do/buy/eat something. Again, got derailed from the topic, which is very not me. What the hell!? Too many distractions! Grrrr. Where was I? Ok, so I texted a couple of friends, unfortunately, they all got something to do, well not all, I texted my friend, Joyce, who is (not really necessary to mention) my xgf. Turns out she’s available (available to accompany me in the mall and available in the sense that she’s currently single. Lol [not that I have plans ]). Derailed again, just bare with me ayt? So, we decided to meet at my place, wherein she has to take a cab and I’ll just slouch on the bed to wait for her, not very gentleman of me, which is very me (not really). Lol.

Ding dong…
Joyce: hi!
JB: sorry? I believe you pressed the wrong bell…
Joyce: fuck off! (turns and stomped away)
JB: loled
We chat for a couple of minutes coz it’s been a while (in which a while means months) since we last saw each other, inhaled a few puffs (just Marlboros, not marijuana. [just to be clear]) on the balcony while (eventually) watching fire works (god knows why there was fire works that night). Then off we go, to the mall!

As planned, we cruise a couple of shoe shops. 1st stop, Zoo York, Joyce insisted to go there coz she was looking for this distinct pair, pink sneakers with pink stuffs on it (she hates pink[not really, no]). They actually have cool shoes; they got basic black and white sneakers, graphic designed kicks, and a white pair with shiny gold designs that caught our eyes.
JB: (holding the shoe) this one is definitely a candidate!
Joyce: yeah, love it!
JB: ayt, but let’s check out the other stores.
Joyce: ok, but I like that one!

I think it’s worth mentioning that we were like a couple at that time, (here I typed a more straight forward sentence, but Joyce didn’t let me to do so when I texted her the straight forward sentence to ask for permission if I can post the straight forward sentence, you’ll get what I mean after you read HER version of the forbidden sentence [yes, she texted me her preferred construction of words]) charm served me well that time that she half consciously held my hand at times.-Joyce’s version of the forbidden sentence. LOL! Just to be safe, it’s really more of a bro-sis thing, wherein she’s playing the older sibling! lol) I’ll be dead when we meet again. Seriously.

2nd stop, was it Nike or Ecko? Let’s not mind the chronology of the stores, shall we? To make the long story short, we went to nike, then ecko, then to a shoe salon, only to end up at Zoo York again. And yes, the white-gold kicks won! Oh yeah, it’s not that expensive too.

Time for a break, and to remind Joyce that I won our little gamble, see Barack Obama. Originally, what’s at stake was an 18 inch pizza, but unfortunately/fortunately we were not that hungry at that time, so we settled on a coffee shop with a nice cozy smoking room. Our favorite spot at the mall, I think it deserves a free ad here. Seattle’s Best, 2nd floor, Trinoma, Philippines. Course’ she treated me, I let her order me a clubhouse and a cup of overpriced coffee. After hours of conversation and breathing out smoke, the mall inevitably closed. We are not ready to go home yet, so we went to Star Bucks, which is at the roof deck of the mall that closes later. I bought us drinks, juices; cranberry for her, orange for me. Fuck coffee, our hearts are already palpitating at that moment! Again, hours passed, and our cigarettes gone low. That’s when we finally agreed to go home.

Here are some topics that fueled our conversations:
Fuckin corny jokes
World War I
World War II
Intellectual arguments (forgot to mention she’s smart) [I refuse to mention that she’s pretty as well]
How earth began
How life began
Few personal stuffs

It was a fun, wholesome friendly date. But unhealthy, when we’re together, it’ll be like there’s always fire nearby. When there’s smoke, there’s fire. Global warming halts when we weren’t smoking. lol

Lesson learned: why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free. (in which milk means sweet girl/boy company)
Translation for dummies: why engage on a complicated relationship when you have friends that can kill your loneliness.

Words of wisdom of the day:

“love is stranger than snow in autumn”
-a fresh out of the box saying by Sir John Benjamin Lazatin Narcsio, author of F.L.I.P.

Pacquiao Vs De La Hoya

The picture above displays Pacman owning Golden Boy balls.

Around 48 hours after Pacquiao’s fight… Filipinos can’t get over it, that quickly.

JB: dude, the crime rate dropped during the Paquiao vs Delahoya bout.
Einar: oh come on, I doubt it
JB: I saw it in the news! No snatching, stabbing, robbery, etcetera was reported while the fight was on going.
Einar: nah, it’s just that the police and the media were also watching the fight at that time, that’s why nobody got caught or reported.
JB: Lol!

Tikman mo kamao! Tiktik tikman mo kamao! Pag suntok ni Pacquiao muling titigil ang mundo!
(Taste the fist, tastas taste the fist! The world stops when Pacquiao punches!)

well said:)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Time after time

note: best served with your eyes closed (feel it)

Angelic voice ay? I always smile whenever I hear her voice, I bet you did as well. I'm proud to say that she was my classmate in high school! All together now... we love you Jeanne!!!

don't forget to visit her blog!


and her youtube channel


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas @ mickey d's

Last ummm, Monday, me and my friend decided to drop by at mickey d’s for a quick snack, we sat on the deserted area coz I don’t really like crowded spots, and for some privacy perhaps, plus the not so cushy couch which is a bit more comfortable than stools. When I was in line to order, my ear caught this distinct tune, the song that goes “gloooooo ooooo ooooo ria in excelsus deo” played by a little girl with her violin, they’re a band actually. My heart melted as I turned my head towards the tune, I almost cried when I was ordering my mc nuggets. Turns out they are, according to the envelope that the other kids distributed for donations, are extremely poor children. It was an heartwarming experience to see/hear those less fortunate children play good great music.

P.s. I am currently (in which current means, when I was typing this down) an inch away from having teary eyes. What can I do? I am a cancer – we’re sensitive dudes sez the stars! lol

Twilight Review (And Why It Sucks)

I strongly recommend that you guys read redkinoko's review on this overrated UBERrated movie. here's the link Twilight Review (And Why It Sucks)