Saturday, January 17, 2009


Part I

1st night at the club (which became more than a club for us XD) at first, everything seems normal, normal in the sense that I wasn’t expecting anything special to happen or to meet anyone special on that matter. All seems… yup normal, until I saw this girl on the next table, I know, it is normal to see a pretty lady in the club, but she ain’t no ordinary girl. One look at her, I knew there’s something different, in which you can’t define different, basically, I didn’t know what I really felt that time, but I was positive that t’was a good thing, but I was wrong, it was a great thing actually!

After minutes of checking her out secretly, (coz this dude beside her kept staring at me when I’m staring at her) I saw my friend Gum, sitting there in the same table! I was like, ‘Holy! He knows her!’, then Gum approached me. Course I asked who’s the girl, DRUMROLL* turns out she is his cousin from London! I was like, damn! I love London and I love her! Lol. Oh yeah, the guy sitting beside her is actually her older brother! Hahahaha. So after knowing that she ain’t got a date, I was like ‘yo Gum, can you introduce me to your cousin?’ then he said ‘you want to? She likes guys who can dance’ (Gum have seen me dance, he knows I’ve got some moves. Lol) then I said ‘are you saying she likes me?’ then he was like ‘dunno’ with a mocking grin to back his answer up. I took that as nothing when I should be gathering my guts to introduce myself! Lol. Here’s a revelation, I’m a very shy person when it comes to that area, I mean, basically, I don’t have the guts to introduce myself to pretty ladies! Lol. After a couple of minutes of just staring at her, my friends decided to go to a near casino, I decided to stay for two reasons, because I don’t gamble and because I’m still gathering all the guts I can get to be able to approach my lady!

My friends got back with wide smiles on their faces, fortunately they won big time. XD. Yes, I’m still on a corner, thinking what to say to her, how pathetic. T.T

So the first meeting didn’t go well. To worsen my despair, I learned that she’ll be back in London in a couple of weeks. I was beginning to lose hope…


Part II

2nd night at the club (yup, the same club as before) this time, I’m with my friends from manila, my condo mates. I wasn’t really expecting to see her again because I assumed that she already left the country. While I was greeting my other friends (I got loads of friends that hang out at that club) I saw her again with her cousins, I instinctively, almost immediately told my friends that I’ve been wanting to know her. Then Gum appeared again, and then he was like, ‘she’s here with us, want me to introduce you to her?’ unfortunately, my shyness got the best of me, I said no. Fuck me right?

I partied “normally” with my friends, not thinking about her, thinking that it’s already too late for our “formal introduction”. They took off before us, after a couple of minutes we decided to go as well. I think I should mention that two of my friends threw up due to the margarita that my friend (dj johenn) offered them. Lol. So while my friend was throwing up at Jollibee (funny right?) Gum texted me, he asked ‘is your friend throwing up? Look up, we’re here at coffee academy, 2nd level’. Coffee Academy is just across the street in front of Jollibee, so I crossed the highway to meet him, and hopefully to see her. Unfortunately Gum went down by himself, he even asked me, again, if I would want to go upstairs and, yup, finally meet his cousin, and again, I said no! fuck me again! Well, because I’ll be too shy being introduced to her in front of her cousins! I’ll probably go red, maroon maybe. End of chapter II.

JB-still zero.

Part III

Everything’s back to normal, I’m here in manila again, cutting class. God’s grace shined upon me! I saw her on friendster! On my who’s viewed me list! I was like yelling ‘London crush viewed me on friendster!!!’. So I send her a message right away! (uh huh, got the guts to do that! Lol) and then she replied almost immediately, meaning she’s online! So I asked her if she got yahoo messenger, she gave it to me. Then after that, everything falls into place, just how I wanted it to:)


There are lots of untold revelations here. I didn’t write em coz I would love it if she’ll be the one confessing them! Right honey bun? XD

We’ve been chatting and texting constantly frequent now. Hope you guys liked our little story. And yes, this one’s a potential love story. lol



nlc0n said...

i love it =] .. hehehe..
someone got kilig here. like kilig =] .


nlc0n said...

its.. march 7 09.. and re-reading this post. grabeeeeee. im really like... KILIG-ING heree.... its still the same.. still the same kilig as when i first read it.. i love you.. and i love our love story....