Saturday, January 31, 2009

The day he asked my mom the question

Ms. Natasha Laxa, author

How can I carry on our love story?

Her 5hours at work

the day was normal nothing special. She just had a decent day at work, finally had a talk with her manager and was said she was top sales person for the store =]. And personal targets had been exceeded =]. Which I was surprised because I didn’t actually expect it... But she had a good day and realized a lot. And left things behind that needed to be left behind... Whilst texting him at work, smiling and getting butterflies because of the overly sweet text's that he had been sending, had been making her day go by quicker and happier whilst being another form of inspiration to do well at work...Work had finished and I decided to go home, but then again my mom had called and said we would go eat nandos (for those who don’t know it’s a famous chicken place here in London which is so nice like really nice)..

Dinner at nandos with mom and Auntie Nina

what can I say I was so hungry, not really talking to them just eating. But then I realized let me just tell my mom I have someone new now=]. I couldn’t be happier to tell them about him. And how he is showing good will and has goals in his life and also has talent. Saying how he lives nearby to where we live. Also saying I had met him through my cuz gum (renz). Couldn’t be happier with meeting him. (But yea. that’s just derailing me of my story) they though he was young but I was like no he is not, he’s 19. =]. Carried on telling what they asked... whilst i was eating and telling mom and auntie about JB... i was texting him. (As usual we are texting 24/7 so that we keep the spark alive). He said mention this mention that =]. So I did. They seemed pleased...

his intro to himself began...
he then asked me

JB: "ur with them na? paki sabi "gud evening po tita n tito n kuya richard" nd d ako na22log 4 u my baby" (trans: i won’t go to sleep 4 u my baby)
but he didnt realise that i wasn’t with my dad or kuya i was just my mom and auntie Nina (mom of gum aka renz) i told him that i wasn’t with them then he just replied to me
JB: " i didn’t know nanjan din pala mom ni gum! lols paki sabi "mayap a bengi pu kekayu titas" =] (trans: i didn’t know gums mom is there lol please say "good evening to you aunties"

they ended up saying the same thing back to him. so i texted him back saying that they said the same thing back to him as a pleasant reply. man if you would see the smile on my face, it’s just like wow..i was happy that he formally introduced himself to my mom and auntie even if it was just by a simple text saying hello. By the time i had got home from work and eating, we were still texting he then asked me:

big moment question was then asked

JB: lam ba nilang tau na? if not paki sabi " pede ke pung paglolon ing malagu nyung anak" (trans: would it be okay if i go out with your pretty child).
in between i told my mom “read please” he texted you this and read. as she was being lazy i read it to her instead and she gave me the answer; as long as he takes care of me and don’t do what the last one did.

TASHA: i replied my mom said yes as long as you take care of me. (i was also thinking wow as simple as that she said yes to him)
straight away i texted him i was happy meaning my mom knows about their daughter Natasha and jb being together =].

he replied
JB: "hey does this mean legal na tau!? ha? ha? ha? inaantok n ko pero bigla akong nagising! pinabasa mo?! meaning lam nya n tau na?!?! holy! this is too good to be true! effing surreal man! ang saya saya ko right now! possibly d most happiest moment in my life! NO im positive! the happiest moment in my life so far =].
(trans: hey does the mean we are legal now? ha ha ha? I’m sleepy but i all of a sudden woke up! did you let her read it.? meaning she knows its us now? holy! this is too good to be true! effing surreal man! I’m so happy right now. possible the most happiest moment in my life! no I’m positive the happiest moment in my life so far!)

i was thinking to myself. "omg i couldn’t be happier as well. smiling from ear to ear. was like a smile that i haven’t had in this context like from a guy in a long time"
that was such a perfect end to a perfect day. i was so happy. and still am happy to this moment of me writing this blog. it still gives me the feeling that i felt when first reading it. i would read it over and over again and still get the same feeling. but i guess he’s someone who knows the real meaning of someone... till this moment we are still non-stop texting butterflies feeling... smiling constantly even if he is thousands of miles away from me in Philippines and i am in london. one blink of an eye we will see each other soon.

our potential love story isn’t a potential one. IT IS A LOVE STORY. =]

jasha love team =]


signed Natasha Maria Marquez laxa writer...=]

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wow. I wish you more days, months, and years to come. :)