Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Doyle & Cedine

Cedine's 1st letter

Sir Doyle,

Good day sir or perhaps good evening... well it depends. Forgive my informality, I’m not really sure how to make a proper letter but I want this to be as formal as I can, that’s why I wrote an actual letter rather than sending you an e-mail (though I had a hard time goggling you’re postal address). You see, I’ve been reading your posts on your blog for quite some time now, and I’ve enjoyed or even been inspired by your works. Your fictions are remarkable and some of them are really awe-inspiring, I’ve been reading and rereading them every now and then. I think the Sceleris series is your greatest work! I love how you give the characters their distinctive personalities and how it resembles them. And I do love your paintings, I’m just wondering how long does it take for you to paint such masterpieces? You have great talent and I like the way you combine them to make a great work of art. I will keep on visiting Fabula and I’ll keep on reading and rereading your works. You must be thinking, “what a stalker?” right? Hehehe, please do bear with me, I just really like your blog and I hope you respond on this letter. If writing a letter is troublesome for you, please send me an e-mail, I wrote it on the back of this paper (so informal of me) alongside my other contact details. I have sent you a little something to show my appreciation for inspiring me with your works, I hope you like it, ummm it’s just right there in the envelope together with this letter.

Good luck on Fabula, and please do write more remarkable writings, and please reply. Tnx!


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