Friday, July 17, 2009

Seven Days and Seven Nights

Acedia is seven days and seven nights late on every deadly meeting. All the other sin sisters adapted on this habit of their lazy sister and eventually decided to all show up on the seventh night to save the trouble of waiting. But this time, a figure of a long haired female is curled under the shade of a lazy tree. She stayed there, silent, still, unmoving..she seemed lifeless except when she turns her head on every sound on the ground that would only turn out to be rabbit or a little mouse or a squirrel. She waited on that tree for six days and six nights. Seventh day… no sign of any sins except for Sloth… the sun is setting, as darkness slowly swallows daylight, Acedia saw a silhouette, obscured by the last beam of the red sun. she waited.. she waited for seven days, she can wait for another seven seconds. One.. the figure slowly walks towards a circle of seven trees, one is curved, almost touching the ground with its lazy branches, the other six, lifeless. Two.. the darkness, slowly burying the sun. Three.. and the once obscured image was now recognizable under the dim of the night. Four.. the animals gone berserk as she walks pass them, there are no wild predators, mostly little rabbits, squirrels, beavers, rodents and birds, and all this little creatures fought for their lives. Five.. they were all engulfed by anger, biting and clawing and killing. Six.. it was a blood bath, the once green grass is now painted by crimson blood with the stench of hatred, anger and wrath. 7.. The seventh night. Ira has arrived.

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rich said...

sa totoo lang, nag-nose bleed ako... XD