Thursday, August 7, 2008

You Are The One

I like this movie because it’s not like any other Filipino love story that makes you wanna look for the remote control to change the channel, just to realize that you’re on a movie house! Where was I? Oh yeah, I like it because the story doesn’t solely revolve on the two love birds. It’s not really a pure love story thing; it’s also about an adopted son looking for his true parents and a daughter who is having pointless insecurities towards her “better” sister. The movie has lots to offer unlike Aga and Anne’s movie, sure there is this Aga’s group versus Anne’s dad thing going, but sorry, it just didn’t work. And why am I writing a review on a Filipino movie?! Well, I’m a Filipino and I like movies. I think that’s enough excuse! Hahaha. Oh! Almost forgot, the last local movie I saw was the “a very special love”! Nice movie! Go Sarah and John Lloyd!

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