Sunday, August 24, 2008

LRT MRT Adventure

Point of origin-UST


I was lining up to buy my train pass when I noticed that I don’t have small bills in my wallet, and the machine only accepts P20 and P50 bill! I told the lady behind me to hold my spot so I can go find a store where I can change my bills. Alas! These shopkeepers are too busy texting/polishing their nails/listening to their improvised ipod/eating merienda to entertain a guy who wants his money changed! I decided to walk further down, and then I saw this old lady who sells cigarettes. Tada! I succeeded on acquiring my precious P20 bill! Level up! Now I’m back at the station, of course the lady who was holding my spot was long gone now; there was no line anyways so after a few minutes, I’m already aboard the train……

Arriving at Araneta station Cubao.


This is the hard part, since it was my first time riding the train by myself; I’m not sure on where to go, which ticket to buy and where to get off! When I was on my way to the MRT station, I saw this girl eyeing me, then we were like staring at each other intensely until we were too close that I have to tilt my head down to her while she stares up at me. Ooohhh…. Train love story, reminds me of sassy girl. I have to say, shawty is a 8! No time to play though! Back to the action!


I am now heading to my next train ride; I bought the ticket, no problem at all, until…. I’m not sure which train I’m gonna ride! It’s a 50-50 chance that I’ll reach my destination safely-or travel all the way to the other side! Then this guard approached me when he saw me looking at the map-looking dumb! He asked me where I’m headed, “ortigas” I say. He solved my predicament with his one finger! –Points at the escalator that will bring me to the “right train”-. Luckily, the train was not too crowded, I’ve experienced worst! I was doing the bamboo stance to keep my balance; else I’ll be pressing myself beside the man who defines the meaning of B.O.! I traveled North America by myself, and I could have sworn that it was a lot easier than snaking your way through metro manila via train!


At last! I’ve made it! I hear round of applause behind my ears! Nicely done jb! You’ve earned it!

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