Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Praise for F.L.I.P.

JB! u son of the devil! i visited your blog! Putangina mo! (you son of a bitch). marry me.. i loved ur blog man.. i spent 3hours reading and rereading ur post.. i just don't believe i shud give all the credit to you mah man! but yo! i so love it.. good writer jb.. marry me na! haha

-a friend, a collaegue and a fan

You got good, original content going and that's something most blogs don't have nowadays. The blog's got good potential mang. Work on it some and I'm sure it'll look great. Be yourself, but don't forget about the readers. Good luck.


hey! nice blog!

-a highschool classmate.

you made me laugh with Freddie roach-cockroach.


Not bad at all, blog's a good marriage of sensibility, wit, and humor... one up JB! Looking forward for more


jb ganda ng diary mo ...sisikat ka rin one day


i viewed your blog and read almost all the articles posted there, in one sitting for 2 and a half hours!


thanks, you guys!

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