Thursday, August 7, 2008

Which Death do you prefer?

Death of the Endless

She is my favorite Death. Death is sweet and funny. She cares for humans a lot, Death takes a 24 -hour day each century to walk amongst the living and die with them. She takes no joy nor hatred in her job, but merely completes it because she must... She is the second oldest amongst the seven endless, her big brother is Destiny himself (makes sense right?). She will die when everything dies. When the last living thing dies, she will be there. When Destiny ended, she will take her brother's life. In the “facade” on Sandman, she said: "When the first living thing existed, I was there, waiting. When the last living thing dies, my job is finished. I'll put the chairs on tables, turn out the lights and lock the universe behind me when I leave".

Death Gods
Death Note

In the anime Death Note, Death Gods write names on their Death Notes, and eventually, or should I say inevitably, the person will die. These guys are not really Death itself (destiny-lly talking). They are basically Gods who depends on death. Here’s what I mean, they live by taking the remaining life span of humans by killing them via Death Note. The more they kill, the longer they live. In short, they kill to live.

Family Guy

This guy is based on the western grim reaper-a skeleton with a scythe. He’s a human-like slacker who lives with his mom. He even shows himself to Peter Griffin when he’s having his near death experience. Lol. He hates the fact that people think his evil, that Death is an evil thing. I mean Death is definitely not evil. Death is as constant as Life. Death is a gift for that matter.

Greek mythology

In ancient Greek mythology, Death or Thanatos is described as a bearded winged man or a young boy. Thanatos has a twin brother named Hypnos, the God of Sleep. Relevant to Death on Sandman, wherein she is the older sister of Dream.

Samael, the angel of death

Angel Sameal is one of the fallen angels, he is married to a demon named Lilith. his name means Sam-poison, el-of God; thus he is the "poison of God".


This guy is more of a “I’ll teach you to value your life” kinda guy. He helps Adam Sandler understand the meaning/value of life and death, by giving him a universal remote control. By universal, I really mean UNIVERSAL!

The Far Side

in the comic strip "the far side", they showed death as a kid playing with tombstones on a sandbox. Lol. How creative. i cant find the right picture though, the photo above is just a random far side strip.

Sailor Saturn
Sailor Moon

Lol. i know what your thinking... yup, sailor saturn is the warrior of death and destruction. her weapon is known as the 'Silence Glaive', also referred to as 'the scythe of the goddess of death.

Gundam Death Scythe
Gundam Wing

Oh yeah! My favorite gundam! Sick mobile suite with a death scythe for a weapon! Cool!

Botan a.k.a. Sharlene
Yu Yu Hakusho a.k.a. Ghost Fighter

Ahh, sharlene, she’s one of the Deaths that I would go with when she comes for me! She wears a kimono and rides on an oar like a witch rides a broom. Here’s some symbolism, the oar symbolizes Charon’s boat, ya know, the boat that carries soul. see greek mythology. Lol.

Black Parade
My Chemical Romance

Here’s death from an emo’s point of view. Death as a parade. So if your emo, then you died an emo death, you’ll join their black parade.

Bone Thugs & Harmony

In the music video Crossroads, they showed a black guy with wings taking lives. Now you know who killed Tupac and other gangsta rappers out there!

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