Wednesday, August 6, 2008

White Cab

I’m on my way to my condo on a cab, and then I decided to interview the taxi driver. You know, just for fun. Here’s what I learned from our conversation: he works for 24 hours every other day. Sometimes he earns no more than 0 pesos due to their quota (Approximately P1150)! Here’s another thing, he’ll get the taxi with a filled tank, ergo he have to give it back as it is. Meaning he needs to earn enough for his gas + meet the quota! By the way, when we came to this part, he emphasized his predicament by adding the gas expenses with the 1150 quota then subtract it with his average earnings. I was impressed that he’s good in math; I didn’t even bother checking his computation (translation: I was afraid by doing so will give me headache). And this guy doesn’t pick his passengers (at least that’s what he told me). He even told me that some snobs preferred riding new taxis! Oh come on! As long as it has 4 wheels its ok with me! Unless the other cabs have 20 inch blades and sick bass! Lol. Anyway, here’s a fact that may help you understand taxi drivers when they’re choosing their passengers: one obvious reason is traffic, or sometimes they don’t want to go to the specific area because there are no passengers for them there. Or maybe you guys are drunk! Nobody wants to be with a bunch of scary drunk guys!

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