Wednesday, August 20, 2008

How to go clubbing without spending

This post is about clubbing, repeated music, putting your hands up in the air and meeting girls without spending a penny. BALLIN!


1st stop, Embassy. Since Emba only serves liquor until 2:00, (meaning the place will be deserted at around 3 am) we went there first. We got in for free coz my cousin has his connections (translation: guest list). We have access to the VIP section but unluckily, neither Michelle Madrigal nor Maui Taylor was there! It would have been a chance to try my ice breakers on them! It’s Wednesday night so R&B gets the big room. Once you enter the room, you’ll notice a bouncer standing motionless on a… ummm.. box.. uh huh, he’s like the embassy version of Ronald McDonald! You know, the clown by the door. He (the bouncer on a box) greets me with a smile, but I was like-wtf!? Is this their mascot or something!? How come Jollibee and McDonald never greet costumers? They are just staring blankly into space with their disturbing unresponsive eyes!! Ok, back to the club. My cousin introduces us (me and my other cousin) to her workmates. I knew nothing’s gonna happen to me here because these guys are all yuppies! (I prefer younger crowd) She even introduces us to some white females twice my age! Where the fuck are those fine teen shawties!?


Going up! Again, no entrance fee. Here we’ve met my other cousin’s colleagues. Meeting friends of friends is the best way for meeting friends. 3 friends in 1 sentence! Haha. The place is not too crowded and I’m hearing the same music I heard earlier in embassy! Put your hands up in the air! (repeat kazillion times) makes me wanna yell-ok! We got the point for chrissakes!!


We left the fort and now where in front of Alchemy. For some reasons our name wasn’t on the list as expected. Well the place looks empty anyways so why bother arguing with the ugly creature sitting on the front desk. Ciao alchemy.


Tada! From embassy to a freakin cheap ass club! The only reason why guys go there because girls come up to guys! Uh huh, it’s the other way around! Howdya like that! These girls will give you tons of signs that they want you to take them home! 1 single smile is all you need to make them give their number to you.


Again, we don’t have to pay to get in. oh yeah, before that. My cousin doesn’t want to go in, coz he’s worried that his girlfriend’s friends might spot him there-which will lead to-them breaking up. (Eventually, they broke up before I even had the chance to finish this post!) back to the club. We’re eyeing the horde of girls/dudes/gays/unknown creatures searching for shawties with potential. Some girls are coming up to us, but they look manlier than us! –walk away-. Then after minutes of googling, I saw this group of girls slowly walking towards the entrance, wind blowing their perfect hair, an HID backlighting them as if they are sent from heaven. I can even remember hearing music as they walk by-love lift us up where we belong-. Then one of them flashes a quick smile at me (or was that my imagination?). then I blacked out for a while… then I saw them in the middle of the dance floor, surrounded by a wall of dudes hungry for fresh meat! I witnessed some were turned down, some were brutally ignored, and some others are just staring at them, probably gathering enough guts. I gathered all my guts and snaked through the swarm of hungry bastards! My cousin right behind me for backup…. I’m now beside my target waiting for the right time… eventually I got the chance to introduce myself and ask for her name. her name is Kheilla, cool name ay. Nuf said! To be continued… or not.

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