Sunday, August 3, 2008

Nice blog

I woke up in the middle of the night; I checked my cell phone and saw some unread messages. One of which tells me how I made my friend laugh with one of my random posts. (maybe she is too shallow or maybe the post is quite laughable.) So I decided to get up on my drowsy butt, knuckled the sand on my eyes, turn on my trust worthy laptop and start typing. You see, one reader is enough to fill up my tank. One simple “nice blog” would give me inspiration. (though my post may fluctuate in terms of quality/quantity, pls bare with me. Everyone has their up’s and down’s). my point here is, one reader is enough for a writer to keep on writing. (especially in my unprofessional case), one writer, one reader. Fair trade.

I dedicate all my small praises to my beloved one’s who passed away.

From now on, I’m gonna grow my hair then make a cow lick it down my face. (translation: turn emo)

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