Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Why I blog

here are reasons why I blog.
  • to flaunt my unappreciated talent.
  • to impress my girl-friends (friends that are of the opposite sex)
  • blogging is a great way to show your intellectuality.
  • to share my thoughts with a twist of wit and humor.
  • to improve my english (my dream is to become a 24/7 call center agent [not really, no])
  • to be called a "writer".
  • to kill my boredom.
  • because writing in the net is free, plus my shiznit is well preserved here than in my starbucks planner.
  • because somehow, I have readers. XD
  • to be famous, hopefully I'll have a chance to meet Maja Salvador by then. (all this for you my love)
  • because blogs are unpublished books. meaning, if Michael Crichton (RIP) is a normal teenage boy of our generation with limited budget, he'll be starting his career here in blogger! lol
  • I'm hoping that I'll be the next Neil Gaiman, or better yet, the first JB Narciso.
  • for money, sex and power! bwahahahaha! joking! lol
  • the money part is true though, coz I accept gifts on envelopes. XD

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