Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Here’s a diary-like story about a pair of new shoes, palpitating hearts and Spanish parents..

It all started when my friend, Biboy, who is a former thomasian (UST) and now a proud student of Angeles University (I’m not sarcastically dissin’ A.U. here, just wanna point out that UST, at some points, is overrated. Lol) bought his new shoes. Naturally I envied him! Lol. I told myself, I gotta have one too! Very spoiled brat-ish right? Don’t get me wrong though, my parents (Juanito & Rosalinda [no we’re not Spanish]) never raised a spoiled brat! I just sacrifice my needs to satisfy my wants! Lol. Holy crap where was I? Got derailed there for a second. Oh yeah, so I decided to get my own new krispy kicks!

Problem is, I’m in need of company, not that I’m not willing to go solo to the mall, which is very me when I got the urge/craving to do/buy/eat something. Again, got derailed from the topic, which is very not me. What the hell!? Too many distractions! Grrrr. Where was I? Ok, so I texted a couple of friends, unfortunately, they all got something to do, well not all, I texted my friend, Joyce, who is (not really necessary to mention) my xgf. Turns out she’s available (available to accompany me in the mall and available in the sense that she’s currently single. Lol [not that I have plans ]). Derailed again, just bare with me ayt? So, we decided to meet at my place, wherein she has to take a cab and I’ll just slouch on the bed to wait for her, not very gentleman of me, which is very me (not really). Lol.

Ding dong…
Joyce: hi!
JB: sorry? I believe you pressed the wrong bell…
Joyce: fuck off! (turns and stomped away)
JB: loled
We chat for a couple of minutes coz it’s been a while (in which a while means months) since we last saw each other, inhaled a few puffs (just Marlboros, not marijuana. [just to be clear]) on the balcony while (eventually) watching fire works (god knows why there was fire works that night). Then off we go, to the mall!

As planned, we cruise a couple of shoe shops. 1st stop, Zoo York, Joyce insisted to go there coz she was looking for this distinct pair, pink sneakers with pink stuffs on it (she hates pink[not really, no]). They actually have cool shoes; they got basic black and white sneakers, graphic designed kicks, and a white pair with shiny gold designs that caught our eyes.
JB: (holding the shoe) this one is definitely a candidate!
Joyce: yeah, love it!
JB: ayt, but let’s check out the other stores.
Joyce: ok, but I like that one!

I think it’s worth mentioning that we were like a couple at that time, (here I typed a more straight forward sentence, but Joyce didn’t let me to do so when I texted her the straight forward sentence to ask for permission if I can post the straight forward sentence, you’ll get what I mean after you read HER version of the forbidden sentence [yes, she texted me her preferred construction of words]) charm served me well that time that she half consciously held my hand at times.-Joyce’s version of the forbidden sentence. LOL! Just to be safe, it’s really more of a bro-sis thing, wherein she’s playing the older sibling! lol) I’ll be dead when we meet again. Seriously.

2nd stop, was it Nike or Ecko? Let’s not mind the chronology of the stores, shall we? To make the long story short, we went to nike, then ecko, then to a shoe salon, only to end up at Zoo York again. And yes, the white-gold kicks won! Oh yeah, it’s not that expensive too.

Time for a break, and to remind Joyce that I won our little gamble, see Barack Obama. Originally, what’s at stake was an 18 inch pizza, but unfortunately/fortunately we were not that hungry at that time, so we settled on a coffee shop with a nice cozy smoking room. Our favorite spot at the mall, I think it deserves a free ad here. Seattle’s Best, 2nd floor, Trinoma, Philippines. Course’ she treated me, I let her order me a clubhouse and a cup of overpriced coffee. After hours of conversation and breathing out smoke, the mall inevitably closed. We are not ready to go home yet, so we went to Star Bucks, which is at the roof deck of the mall that closes later. I bought us drinks, juices; cranberry for her, orange for me. Fuck coffee, our hearts are already palpitating at that moment! Again, hours passed, and our cigarettes gone low. That’s when we finally agreed to go home.

Here are some topics that fueled our conversations:
Fuckin corny jokes
World War I
World War II
Intellectual arguments (forgot to mention she’s smart) [I refuse to mention that she’s pretty as well]
How earth began
How life began
Few personal stuffs

It was a fun, wholesome friendly date. But unhealthy, when we’re together, it’ll be like there’s always fire nearby. When there’s smoke, there’s fire. Global warming halts when we weren’t smoking. lol

Lesson learned: why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free. (in which milk means sweet girl/boy company)
Translation for dummies: why engage on a complicated relationship when you have friends that can kill your loneliness.

Words of wisdom of the day:

“love is stranger than snow in autumn”
-a fresh out of the box saying by Sir John Benjamin Lazatin Narcsio, author of F.L.I.P.

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