Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas @ mickey d's

Last ummm, Monday, me and my friend decided to drop by at mickey d’s for a quick snack, we sat on the deserted area coz I don’t really like crowded spots, and for some privacy perhaps, plus the not so cushy couch which is a bit more comfortable than stools. When I was in line to order, my ear caught this distinct tune, the song that goes “gloooooo ooooo ooooo ria in excelsus deo” played by a little girl with her violin, they’re a band actually. My heart melted as I turned my head towards the tune, I almost cried when I was ordering my mc nuggets. Turns out they are, according to the envelope that the other kids distributed for donations, are extremely poor children. It was an heartwarming experience to see/hear those less fortunate children play good great music.

P.s. I am currently (in which current means, when I was typing this down) an inch away from having teary eyes. What can I do? I am a cancer – we’re sensitive dudes sez the stars! lol

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Oyen said...

LOL! You are a softy! xD I never knew that.