Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Pacquiao Vs De La Hoya

The picture above displays Pacman owning Golden Boy balls.

Around 48 hours after Pacquiao’s fight… Filipinos can’t get over it, that quickly.

JB: dude, the crime rate dropped during the Paquiao vs Delahoya bout.
Einar: oh come on, I doubt it
JB: I saw it in the news! No snatching, stabbing, robbery, etcetera was reported while the fight was on going.
Einar: nah, it’s just that the police and the media were also watching the fight at that time, that’s why nobody got caught or reported.
JB: Lol!

Tikman mo kamao! Tiktik tikman mo kamao! Pag suntok ni Pacquiao muling titigil ang mundo!
(Taste the fist, tastas taste the fist! The world stops when Pacquiao punches!)

well said:)

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