Sunday, September 21, 2008

Saving Ryan's Private (not a real title, can't think of anything at the moment)

Mask down!
3…2…1… whistle*
The sound of gunshots filled the battlefield… Private N. followed his comrades through the tall grasses. “Hit coming out!” shouted the martial. This early? Private N. thought. He saw his comrade lifting his m4, walking out of the battle field. First blood. Sergeant L. pointed at the bunker, 10 meters away, 1 o’clock, “cover me” he commanded. Sergeant L. swiftly slides towards the bunker unnoticed. Corporal W. and Corporal K. took the other bunker beside Sergeant L. the enemy spotted them! Bullets were sprayed at their direction; they stayed low till the firing stopped. “11 o’clock” Sergeant L. whispered. Private N. saw two guys peeping from the barricade. Fire at will! Private N. saw his bullets bouncing off the enemy’s mask! “what the fuck!” Private N. cursed. “this guy is hit! Admit it you dirty bastard! Where the fuck are those martials!?” Private N. complained. Frustrated, Private N. stood up, ignoring the fact that he’s revealing his position. That gave him a better view; he shot at the enemy, emptying his 600 round magazine. His prey lifted his palm and shouted “Hit!”. The sight of his pawn leaving the battlefield pleased him. One down.

“Clear” Sergeant L. said. They advanced at the grassy area, Sergeant L. and Corporal W. crawled their way towards the enemy’s base while Private N. and Corporal K. are covering them from the rear. Enemy spotted! 12 o’clock. “Hit coming out!” Corporal K. claimed his first kill. Sector clear, the four man team pressed forward. They soundlessly proceeded at the opponent’s base. Corporal W. spotted a small opening, Corporal W. and Private N. stayed low while they move towards the opening. They knife killed the two men guarding the entrance. Sergeant L. and Private N. followed. They can see their comrades from the other side shooting at their direction-at the enemy’s base. The enemy doesn’t know that four assaulters are now inside their base. They can see their enemies but their enemies can’t see them. They spotted seventeen men busy firing at their comrades on the other side, unaware that they are going to be eliminated inescapably. The four lifted their BB guns… It’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

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