Monday, September 29, 2008


here are some abbreviations that will help you in some occasions (most likely when you are texting/chatting with your younger cousin/friend or the younger generation in general, or with a 24/7 chatter who loves writing letters but hates writing words)
  • lol-laugh out loud
  • rotflol-rolling on the floor, laughing out loud
  • btw-by the way
  • ic-i see
  • b4-before
  • g2g-got to go
  • cul8r-see you later
  • irl-in real life
  • wtf-what the fuck
  • lqtm-laughing quietly to myself
  • k-okay
  • lmao-laughing my ass off
  • lmfao-laughing my fucking ass off
  • omg-oh my god
  • nvm-nevermind
  • np-no problem
  • omfg-oh my fuckin god
  • qt-cute
  • stfu-shut the fuck up
  • fkmfatifkyb-french kiss my furry ass 'til it french kisses you back!
  • flip-funny little island people a.k.a Filipinos

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