Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Avaritia et Luxuria

Gift of Greed and Lust

It was a weird day for Jason Evans, pleasing, but weird. It started when he was on his way to school. While walking on his daily route, he saw a wallet lying on his path, being an average college guy who needs all the money he can get, he keeps it for himself. Jackpot! The wallet was loaded. While he is still enjoying his new found treasure, Sheila Ridge, the campus hottie approached him. Sheila suddenly kissed him torridly right there in the hallway! Then she whispered something to him that made him grin, he nods as a reply. They kissed again as they parted. A second later, he saw Arnold Blunt, his nerdy best friend, running towards him with a huge smile on his acne infested face. He thought that smile was about Sheila’s shocking act, up until Arnold told him that he just won a thousand dollars on the college wide raffle! “raffle for a cause indeed” Jason proudly states. All those pleasant events are nothing compared to what happened next… Samantha White, the girl of his dreams came up to him and confessed her love.

Great things happened to Jason that day; great things… as far as greed and lust are concerned…

Avaritia and Luxuria

Luxuria: it seems like I won.
Avaritia: it’s not over yet my sister.
Luxuria: can’t you see his lust is more dominant than his greed?
Avaritia: sister, what if we change some of the rules eh?
Luxuria: what do you mean Avaritia?
Avaritia: you know I’ll do anything to win him. After all, I am Greed herself.
Luxuria: and your point is?
Avaritia: let’s just say we’ll kick it up a notch…

Jason walks home, the scenes earlier are still playing in his mind. As he passes by a park, he saw two figures by the swing, a silhouette of two ladies. At first he thought they were Sheila and Samantha, he fancies that the two are fighting over him. But as he approaches the swing, the two figures slowly vanished. Puzzled, he turns back and walked away… “Jason” he heard someone called his name… he didn’t recognize the voice, one thing he’s sure of-it was not Sheila nor Samantha. He turned his head slowly; the two ladies are back, only now he can see their face. They are beautiful, but the other one is a lot prettier than the other.

Avaritia: I know what you’re thinking, that Luxuria is prettier than me! Everybody does! But don’t you admire my jewelries?
Luxuria: Avaritia, please be more polite. Forgive my sister Jason Evans, she is not really used to talking with humans…
Jason: do I know you? Why do you know my name? who are you?
Luxuria: I am Lust.
Avaritia: and I am Greed.
Jason: weird names you got.
Luxuria: oh, those are not our names; you asked us who we are. You did not ask for our name.
Avaritia: I am Greed; you can call me Avaritia-that is my name.
Luxuria: my name is Luxuria. I am Lust.
Jason: you got me lost at “who we are”
Avaritia: we are responsible for your so called “luck” this morning.
Luxuria: I satisfied your lust and she-your greed.
Jason: what are you talking about!?
Avaritia: we told you already, we are Greed and Lust herself.
Luxuria: we are not humans Jason…
Jason: are you angels?
Avaritia: angels you say!? Are you insulting us? We are of The Seven Sisters! The Deadly Seven! The Sin Sisters!
Jason: the seven deadly sins are siblings? Are you demons then?
Luxuria: no Jason, we are not demons. We are who we are. The Seven Sins Sisters.
Jason: why did you do those things to me? Do I have to give you my soul or something!?
Luxuria: no Jason, you can keep your soul.

Somehow, Luxuria’s voice comforted him. Luxuria’s voice is sweet, sweet and lustful.

Jason: what do you want from me then?!
Avaritia: nothing Jason, I just want to prove that Greed is more powerful than Lust.
Luxuria: but unfortunately she failed.
Avaritia: not yet my sister. That is why we are here Jason, me and my sister are in a little competition here, and you are the judge.
Luxuria: don’t worry Jason; you will love our little game.
Jason: what do I have to do?
Luxuria: enjoy our little gifts…

The two disappeared in the dark, leaving Jason alone in the park…

In which Luxuria won

Jason woke up, “just a dream?” He whispers. But he realizes he is not in his room, the room was huge and elegant, just like a presidential suite in a five star hotel. Jason wonders where he is, he thought maybe he is in Sheila’s condo, that he drunk too much last night that he ended up there. Only that he did not drink last night, or at least that’s what he remembers. It all became clear when he saw Sheila; his theory was right after all. Then he remembers what Sheila whispered to her yesterday, “drop by at my place if you want more”…

In which Avaritia won

Jason woke up; he saw a huge chandelier made out of gold above him. “Where am I?” he asked himself, he walked around the room, admiring every detail of the structure. Then he noticed a “JE” engraved at the bed. “Jason Evans?” he thought. Someone opened the door, “good morning master” greeted the butler. “Good you say? Splendid morning it is!” Jason proudly replies.

The real ending

“I will not play your little games!” Jason cried. “I won’t let you use me for your own amusement!” Jason walks home. He walks straight ignoring a sack full of money lying in the sidewalk. He saw jewelry scattered all over the street, but he paid no notice. He continued walking… “Jason” someone called his name. He recognized the voice, he turned back… it was Samantha. Samantha pressed herself against Jason, she leans forward to kiss him, but Jason pushed her away. “Quit it Luxuria! You won’t deceive me with your cheap tricks!” Jason exclaimed. He turns his back and runs straight home….
He may have contained his greed and lust, but he kept his pride.

Avaritia: looks like Superbia won eh?
Luxuria: fair enough…

Lucifer appeared beside the two sisters.

Lucifer: did I miss something??

This story is dedicated to Aleth Cruz, for all the nice things she said about my blog, to Joyce Alviar, for saying random (good) things and to Nhatz for spamming messages in the chatbox.

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