Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ideal course

I took fine arts for the sake of getting a diploma. I thought it’s the easiest course back then when I was about to take the entrance exam in UST. Well, so far I’m right; it is so easy that you’ll fail for taking it too easy! Now here’s the course that I would take (if such a course exist).

A course that offers:
  • painting
  • photography
  • technical/informal writing
  • a little I.T.
  • culinary art
  • occasional story telling
  • physical education that includes extreme sports like war games and sky diving.
I would like to add that catholic schools are very convenient for lazy students, why, you ask? There are no classes every first friday, every novena, every religious occasions and every time a saint is celebrating his/her birthday! That’s why UST is perfect, it is a catholic school located on a flood prone area! Now we also don’t have to go to school when it rains hard!

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