Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Unexpected Expected Guest

???: John Benjamin....
JB: huh? whose that!?
???: oh, sorry my child, did i scare you?
JB: not really, no. are you who i think you are?
???: yes
JB: oh... so you are THE "father"
g: i see you have met my son. yes i am his father.
JB: am i "nightdreaming" again?
g: that is why i came here John Benjamin. you have questions that only I can answer.
JB: JB. please call me JB.
g: so, JB, is there something you want to learn? your future perhaps?
g: do you want anything from me? anything at all! material things? maybe you want me to erase some of your past? you know i can make that possible. i can give you riches beyond your imagination! i can give you anything you desire!

a moment of silence.....

JB: no sir, i have none. i love my life as it is. thank you for your offer.
g: are you sure you don't want anything? nothing?
JB: thanks. but no thanks...
g: come on JB. i know you. i know what you desire! i can give it to you! i can make it happen!
JB: give it up demon.
g: what!? are you accusing me of being a demon?! how dare you! im offering you things any other human cannot have!
JB: exactly.
g: you ungrateful humans!
JB: drop the act demon. you can't fool me!

it seems like a mosquito came out of the bogus god's eyes. and then its gone.

JB:YOU CAN DO BETTER THAN THIS! i expected better from you! if you want me. come to me yourself! and don't you dare send me more pathetic demons!
???: why so brave JB? i guess i groomed you well.
JB: nice to meet you too lucifer

Lucifer: please forgive Beelzebub’s demon. Mosquitoes are not the best actor after all.

Beelzebub: so he’s the kid huh?

JB: and you’re a bug huh?

Beelzebub: a bug? That’s not how you address a king! I am Beelzebub! ruler of all that flies!

JB: that doesn’t change anything. You are still a bug. BUG.

Beelzebub: don’t be too cocky human! I’ll turn you into something lower than bugs! Dust perhaps? Maybe after then you’ll respect a ruler of hell!

???: hold your slime bug friend. The kid… I mean JB didn’t say anything disrespectful did he? You ARE a bug after all.

Beelzebub: shut up azazel! my goat friend! I’m one of the three rulers of hell like yourself and lucy here! I won’t take any insults from any of you!

Lucifer: ehem.. the name is Lucifer. Show some seniority respect Beelzebub.

Beelzebub: I’ll call you whatever I wanna call you! You’re no longer the sole ruler of hell! We three are equal now!

Azazel: equal? Have you got any mirrors?

Lucifer: don’t pay them any minds JB, I apologize for their actions. may you forgive their foul nature.

JB: I didn’t know you guys apologize?

Lucifer: as long as we don’t mean it.

JB: makes sense.

Lucifer smiled, but not just any normal smile. A smile where you can see evil, where you can see pain, suffering…. Sins.

Lucifer: so… I believe you've met a new friend?

JB: so that’s what this is all about…

Lucifer: you are, after all, my favorite. Hahaha

JB: why me? Do I have evil ancestors or something?

Lucifer: you have doubts.

JB: …..

Azazel: and your new found friend somehow turned some of them into “faith”.

JB: well, you three are not really smart are you? I mean showing yourself to me only explains one thing. YOU ARE ALL REAL. Angels and demons exists. And you think I’m gonna fall for your little games? Maybe someone helped me, the angel Raguel perhaps? He’s my favorite after all. Lol

Lucifer: your absolutely right about all of that. Except for the Raguel part. You see… your angel of vengeance had fallen….

JB: so it is true….. but how?

Lucifer: no one knows. Why don’t you ask your goody good friends?

JB: …….

JB: why are you here anyway!

Lucifer: you called me, did you not? And my co rulers here decided to tag along. Were a triad after all.

JB: that’s not what I meant! I mean what are you going to do to me?!

Beelzebub: you’ll find out soon enough! You see, were smart enough for not telling you our plans!

Lucifer: let’s put it that way. Just think of this meeting as a friendly visit.

Beelzebub: you’ll be seeing us more often anyways. Don’t miss us.

JB: you can count on that!

Azazel: a word of advice: not everyone from the silver city tells the truth! I mean, look at me and Lucifer! we too came from heaven!

JB: what do you mean?

Beelzebub: he means. As former angels, they know heaven more than you do.

JB: ….. whatever.

Lucifer: I guess this is goodbye then, who knows what happens to hell while the three of us are away. till we meet again.

JB: nice seeing you guys. Thanks for the warning…….. Or threat..


JC: yo JB, I got something here for you. It’s from “Him”. I mean from my dad…

JB: you’re not really JC are you?

JC: I guess an angel can only lie once…. No I’m not the “Son”.

JB: I see. It’s your duty huh? You didn’t lie at all; you’re just doing what you’re supposed to do.

JC: will you forgive me?

JB: I don’t have to, you mean me no harm. You even saved me from that demon! That was you who helped me resist temptation!

JC: …

JB: if forgiveness will comfort you, I forgive you then. And thank you.

JC: thanks.

JB: so, HE sends you to warn me huh?

JC: You see, everything is his entire plan. Even that meeting you had with THEM. It’s all part of his game.

JB: I know… ummm… JC?... what is your real name anyway?

JC: I don’t have a name… I’ve done my purpose. And obviously, my purpose doesn’t need a name. a fake name, at least.

JB: can I name you JCkiel then?

JC: only if I can call you “John Benjamin”.

JB: lets just stick to our nicks. Lol

JC: lol

JC: ooops, sorry gotta go! I’m only supposed to bring you that letter. Hope HE’s not sending me to Hell! Lol

JCkiel took off, spreading his majestic wings….. a beautiful sight.

I slowly unrolled the scroll….

“Feed your faith and your doubts will starve to death”

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