Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I just want you to know that I started writing when I got this starbucks planner, it is supposedly a planner right? But I choose to use it as a journal/diary/autobiography/scratch paper/calendar.

Anyway, lets talk about starbucks….

Ahhhh. Starbucks, chatting with friends, enjoying each other’s company while sipping your over priced coffee. I can still remember that the oreo cheese cake before was only P70, but now what?! 100++? Miss can I ask for hi-ro instead of oreo? lol

One more thing. I have this thing with starbucks baristas, they never got my name right! Possible errors:

Tolerable mistakes: jv, jp, jay-vee, jaybee

Wtf mistakes: Jamie, jimmy, jay-me

Next time they ask for my name, I’ll be free!!

1 mocha frappe for free!! Hahahaha!

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