Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The beach

The next post was actually written in my planner/diary on jan 28, 08. I just want to rewrite it here for sharing.

Trip to boracay

The plane

The plane is no bigger than a Philippine rabbit bus! Ok I’m just joking. It’s slightly bigger than a bus +wings. There are approximately 23 narciso’s on the plane. So we are like riding a private plane, I know everyone except for the white guy with his bisaya pok2, a teen couple that will inevitably have an unwanted baby and other commoners that are to common to be noticed.

1st night

we went to guilly’s and partied with a bunch of white people! You know what white pips do on the dance floor? They do yoga handstand! Limbo rock and the chu chu train thing! And there is this white female who keeps on dragging us to the dance floor! (for what? To see how low can we go?!) I lit a cigarette as an excuse, perhaps when she see me busy with my cig, she wont bother me! But this lady is persistent! She grabbed my yosi and threw it in the ash tray! Oh shit….. white girls….

When I met her…

JB this is MJ, MJ this is JB…. That was the first time I smoked MJ! Ahahaaha, we were laughing and eating for hours! The next day, I smoked without telling them, guess what.. they can’t tell the difference between a normal JB and a stoned JB! LOL
(that was just for fun, I never smoked MJ again… at least that’s what I want you to think…lol)

The Dilemma

I went to my dorm with an obvious tan. It was actually our prelim exams when we were at boracay. Now I’m back looking like an eggnog (egoy+nognog). I need to pass seven paintings! Holy crap! Time to cram! Enough with school, coz that’s my least favorite topic. Here’s the real dilemma: day: jan 24 Thursday. Nicole (my balikbayan cousin) is leaving at jan 27. wowowee scheduled on Friday, jan 25. mass for lola at pampanga is also on Friday. Nicole should visit lola before leaving the country. So here’s what happened. We decided to go to pampanga on Thursday, since no one is taking us there, we took the bus! It’s nicole’s first time riding a bus here in the Philippines. we were seated at the back, then she suddenly asked: “JB, is there a washroom?”. I loled! Anyway, 2 birds in one stone, we visited lola and had an adventure during the process. Lol. all of those sacrifices for the love of wowowee!!! Guess what!? No wowowee for us! Coz at Saturday, it’s willy revillame’s birthday. Ergo, Friday’s wowowee is taped! God damn!

–p.s. I still have nicole’s hand print on my back because she didn’t apply the sun block evenly!

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