Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Here’s another dream’s work production. Hope you’ll read it! I mean, hope you’ll like it!

???: hey!

JB: …

???: yo jb!

JB: who are you? Why do you know my name?!

???: who am i? ok, I don’t want to shock you so I’m gonna say this slowly.

JB: …

???: I am GOD

JB: o…k…..

JC: you might wanna call me JC, coz we don’t wanna use “thy name” in vain.

JB: well, your floating… so I guess I have to believe you right?

JC: oops.. I didn’t mean that, don’t want my heavenianas to worn out! Get it? Heaven-ianas! Ahahahaha…… whatever!

JB: …

JC: so… your doubting my existence huh? Here I am! Revelation is a bitch huh!

JB: are you really god?

JC: uh huh, God, Allah, Buddha.. etcetera, etcetera… those are just names. At the end of the day I’m still me. But I told you, you can call me JC. Coz that’s your religion. You know me as the “HT”. you know, the father, son & the HS.

JB: yah, I get it, J.C. Jesu-

JC: REMEMBER! 3rd commandment…

JB: oh yeah… wasn’t that the 2nd?

JC: hmmm. I’m not really sure either? Lol

JB: LOL… you look a lot older in your pictures huh?

JC: oh come on! You believe that?!

JB: I was joking….

JC: oh… I knew that. I look like this because I want you to see me as a normal person. I mean it will be a lot easier for you to talk to me this way.

JB: why did you show yourself to me in the first place?

JC: because your just nightdreaming!

JB: nightdeaming?

JC: it’s when you daydream at night!

JB: is there such word for that??

JC: come on JB, I created everything! What makes you think I can’t make my own words!

JB: if I’m just “nightdreaming”….. does that mean your not real?

JC: you’ll just have to figure that out yourself…

JB: (smiles) nicely put JC…. Nicely put…

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