Monday, July 28, 2008


"FLIP" i got this word from my cousin who lives in canada. he told me that's what they call pinoys in Toronto. it originally means Funny Little Island People. when i decided to make my own blog, i never thought of any names for it until i have to write something on the "name your blog" part. so i texted my cousins to ask for suggestions. then after 3 to 7 mins of texting, i decided to go with FLIP (which by the way is not suggested by any of my cousins). changing the people part to person. as for the fliperblog.blogspot part, well originally i want to go with but unfortunatelly it is no longer available. that's all for my first real post, just ignore the welcome thing, that was just a test:) lol.


Welcome to the Funny Little Island Person's Blog!

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