Tuesday, July 29, 2008


JB: what is love?

innocence: its when I met him…

JB: no, really. What does love means to you?

innocence: I told you! When he holds my hand, look me in the eyes and say I love you

JB: …

innocence: blah blah blah….. hey! Are you even listening?!

JB: huh? Whutt?

innocence: ok here’s the best part!

JB:*click*click BOOM!!

???: why did you kill that poor girl!?

JB: who the f*** are you!?

???: it’s me, the one your looking for

JB: …..

???: I am Love

JB: ……

Love: you don’t believe me do ya?

JB: who the f*** are you!?

Love: I am responsible for what you feel for your family and friends. I am a mother who works abroad, away from my family, in order to give them a good life. I am what a mother feels for her rebel son. I am a poor farmer who works my ass off to provide food for my family. I am a working student who study and works hard to buy my mother’s medicine. I'm a 62 year old taxi driver who roams the street till morning to feed my 12 children and 4 grand children. I'm a father who risks my life in the Middle East. A son who gives up his dream for his family. I am what you feel for…

JB: ok! I get it! I guess your telling the truth… you are Love!

Love: …….(smiles)

Innocence: hey! What’s the big idea! Why did you shoot me!

JB: and you’re still alive… (Sarcastic tone)

Innocence: I will never die! Innocence will always exist!

JB: Love, please educate this ignorant brat! Tell her love is not all about those fancy romantic fairy tales! Tell her its not all about holding hands, kissing and saying “I LOVE you!”

Love: she must learn it by herself…. She’s still innocent after all.

JB: innocence, can’t be retrieved when lost….

Innocence: that’s why I can’t die; I will die when I lost my innocence, when I gained wisdom…. But I will never learn!!! hahahaha

JB: *click*click

Innocence: oh…


Love: you love her don’t you?

JB: who? That brat!? Hell no!

Love: you know I'm not talking about innocence, do I have to say her name? (mocking smile)

JB: (gives the finger) ,,l,,

Love: well? Do you love her?

JB: I don’t know…. I’m still innocent after all….

Then suddenly I was alone…

Then I hear a voice

-you are in my realm jb….. you are in me….

Then a hooded man came….

???: who said that? Was that love? Or innocence?

JB: beats me, that wasn’t you?

???: I don’t know?? By the way, I'm mystery, and you are?

JB: JB, my name is JB…

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