Saturday, December 25, 2010

Angeles Below


Once upon a time or… in a not so far away land or… in the beginning of our story, on a hot afternoon, Elle, a little creature whom you might mistook as a little human girl, is wandering in a park in Angeles City.
“you’re not suppose to be here.” A voice from behind told her.
“neither do you.” Elle responded without looking back. (she knows no one was there)
“I’m only here because of you, we need to go back” as the voice passed through her, the empty space in front of her was slowly filled with substance that formed into what appears to be a young boy with white long hair who wears something like a priest would wear.
“Hi little brother!” says Elle with a cheerful smile.
“we’re twins.” The boy simply whispered.
Elle just laughed and teased her brother with a wink.
“Common, we have to go back, there are consequences Elle, people from below will notice” the boy told her.
“Relax Ess, the damage was done, we’re already walking the world above. Be calm and try to enjoy the moment. It’s been a long time since we took this form, walk with me my twin.”
Ess walked alongside his sister. He was not calm and he’s not enjoying it. He is worried, but he knows that he can’t convince his sister just yet. Elle was always the one who leads, the more dominant among the two, and as much as Ess hates it, he admits to himself that she was always the “older twin”.
Elle talks.
“it’s nice here, I wish I live here, it’s much more exciting and there is so much to do! T’s much more interesting than below. I like it here, I like the houses, I like their food, I like those fast things made out of metal that carries people and I like the people!”
“Humans? I heard from Old Merlisse that humans are not to be trusted, they are not reliable and they are weak and worthless creatures, especially the ones who live here, they don’t even use magic up here.” Replied Ess, sounding unimpressed.
Elle said nothing. The twins walked through a field filled with people, there were groups who appear to be dancing, there were three sets of ten men running back and forth passing and throwing a ball around and there are couples who hug and kiss each other, but no one seemed to notice the two individuals walking out in the open. As they reach a huge gazebo with a roof that is shaped like a giant’s hat, Elle turned to her brother and confidently said.
“Let’s make a wager, I’ll prove you wrong, I’ll prove to you that people from here have potential, that they are not weak and worthless”
“How are you going to do that?” asked Ess.
“I’m gonna bring one of them with us, to Angeles Below.” She says with a grin.
Ess wanted to protest but he hesitated. He simply said.
“It won’t survive”
“Oh yes it will my brother, not only that the human will survive, I bet that it’ll find it’s way back here to this world as well” Elle stated with full confidence.
“Ha! You will inevitably lose this wager my twin. And what would it be that I’m putting at stake here?”
“Well if I failed, I’ll have to acknowledge you as my older brother despite of us being twins, thus I would act accordingly. And if I won, you’ll have to continue being the younger twin and do everything that your big sister told you to! You see little brother, you actually don’t have anything to lose here, seeing that you are already my littlest tiny cute baby brother! Hahaha!”
“Not for long Elle, the human won’t last a single day below. Have you already picked this poor creature?”
“hmm… not yet, not here.”
On that note, the twins vanished.

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