Friday, December 31, 2010

Angeles Below I

The boy who was unfortunate

Ace, a boy who just got out of his teenage years is living a normal, but not so boring life in Angeles City. Details about his life in the world above is not so important, he’s a typical happy go lucky one and twenty years old, let’s leave it at that for a while, the more interesting part is yet to come, and that involves not-so-normal twins, being involved on a wager that puts him on a lose-lose situation, a completely bizarre and twisted, but oddly familiar world and a mallet.

Afternoon, the time Ace usually gets out of bed. The construction going on the neighbor woke him up, he would’ve slept an extra hour but he thought it might take another hour for him to fall back to sleep with all the banging and grinding noise. He’s twenty-one and he still lives at home with his parents, which is pretty much normal, “why would you choose to live alone and feed yourself and pay the bills when you can indulge bumming your ass off under your parent’s roof” he once posted on a social networking site. But there are also inconveniences that come with this certain leisure, although ace is old enough, he is till not allowed to smoke or not allowed to get caught smoking. So everyday, when he wakes up, he’ll walk a few blocks to get to his friend’s house for a smoke. But today, he won’t be reaching his destination.

“There, that one” says Elle.
“Strange, why choose him? I thought you would pick someone bigger” Ess replied.
“You’ll need more than muscles to survive below, I’ve seen his dreams and I found him the most suitable amongst the others. Come, let’s invite our guest in”
The twins showed themselves to human eyes, although there are those who saw them magically appeared out of nowhere, they immediately forgot it. Perhaps Ess, with a bit of magic, made them forget, he’s always been the discreet one.

As Ace is walking down a street called Rue De Paree, he noticed a girl and a boy blocking his path, the girl is wearing a shirt too big for her and the boy is wearing a weird costume, but Ace wasn’t bothered by that, kids wear stupid things these days he thought. What made him uncomfortable is that the two are staring at him with intense eyes, eyes that shouldn’t be on children’s faces. Ace tried to ignore them as he passed by, then suddenly the little girls spoke.
“Hiya Ace!” she sounded friendly.
Ace turned, he was sure he never saw the girl before, nor the boy. He said nothing and walked away.
“Hey! I’m talking to you Ace!” Elle shouted.
“How do you know my name? Who are you guys?” Ace impatiently asked.
“He’s my twin brother Ess, and I am called Elle, we’re here to ask you to come with us below” she asked politely.
“Huh? Why would I come with you? And what do you mean by below?”
“Because I need a human for me to win this wager between me and my twin. Oh yeah, I forgot you guys from up here didn’t know about Angeles Below, it’s a world beneath yours, it’s kinda like here but not really… hmmm, it’s hard to explain, we’ll just have to show you”
“Are you serious? Jeez! Kids this days! What a freakin wild imagination!” Ace resumed his walk, amazed at the girl’s imagination.
“looks like he didn’t believe you” Ess told his sister.
“well yeah, I kinda expected that, at least I tried asking him politely” Elle replied, she’s now holding a medium sized mallet, still too big for her to wield, nobody knows where it came from, perhaps magic.
“Hey Ace!”
Ace looked back and saw Elle lifting up a mallet. And that’s the last thing he saw.

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