Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Noise to my ears

Basically, people basically tend to overuse basically just to basically sound upper class-ish. So literally, if you literally noticed or literally not yet noticed, I’m literally talking about overused words. Don’t you just like, punch someone who like says like too much? Or fucking hit with a fuckin fuck those who fuckin say fucking fuck all the fucking time!? Sorry for ummm… the foul words… coz ummm… it’s just too ummm.. annoying… “um” is in the dictionary right?... ummm. Omg! Omg! Did you know that it’s just plain retarded when you actually say Ow-Ehm-Gee? And people don’t think you’re AWESOME every time you shout AWESOME. I mean seriously! This is just some serious shit. shit! There’s a reason that there are thousands of words in the dictionary. And you spit Webster in the face when you just use a couple of hundreds. I’m not saying I actually know a lot of words. In actuality I don’t, but please, don’t fucking use them over and over. It’s gay but I do tend to overuse words as well. Gay right? I’m sure I missed some if not a lot of overused words but I can’t forgive myself if I forgot to mention the 2nd most irritating overused word these days! Epic! The 1st is Fail. And the bastards are not satisfied with that. They even dared to combine their words from their oh so narrow vocabulary. Epic Fail.

Ironic that the “overuse” word was overused on writing about overused words. oh the irony!

now read the whole post again, but this time, read it out loud. annoying innit?


nlc0n said...

Right, basically, I think that's this blog is ACTUALLY totally awesome! But thinks that its such a FAIL like propa EPIC FAIL that you wrote about it all lols. But like your so GAY that you wrote about it so I decided to comment on it, about it. Hahahaha! With the words you like hate. Hahahaha but the irony is, I would expect you to do something like this. Its just so jb. But I do like it.

But I also love the use of INNIT!!!!! (Y) galing galing. Go jb!

JaBa said...

thank you thank you, as expected from my bias girlfriend.