Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The glitch

Alaphrael stands on a balcony in the silver city, he watches as his creator molds the universe. They, the angels, are witnessing the creation. They watch proudly as the universe is being created one element at a time, for they did their part nicely-in which nice means exact ~angels worked on the "blueprint" of the universe*. "Let there be light" a majestic voice pronounced. A small light flickered in the center of nothingness. Lanathiel, the leader of the "light department" was nervous, nervous that he might have missed something. The light flickered once more, then again and again and again until it swallows the darkness, and then there was light. The Angels who are in charged of light cheered, Lanathiel smiled, satisfied and gratified. The angels watched for six days ~the concept of time doesn't really apply here, time exists but there were no ways of measuring time back then*. For six days they observe, they watch as their respective assignments were being done nicely, so far, perfect. On the seventh day they look upon a newly born universe. Alaphrael smiled a faint smile, almost gloomy, he was relieved that they~the lot of the angels and He Himself* did not notice a small glitch, perhaps He noticed but chooses to let it be.

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