Friday, November 7, 2008

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Jersey number 18, Purefoods Tender Juicy Giants. 3 secs remaining on the shot clock, Baby James has the ball, 2.5, 2, 1.5…. he shoots!......

Baby James woke up, the sound of his retarded brother’s head banging against the floor disturbed his sleep. He placed his Dora stuff toy on the corner of his crib, he stepped on Dora’s head as he climbed out. Mongo Josh saw his little brother escaping his (as far as Mongo Josh’s “imagination” is concerned) “cage” (Mongo Josh thinks of his little brother as a pet given to him by Mommy Kris). “bleahhkk” shouted Mongo Josh. Baby James slapped his retarded brother, “quit your babbling you retarded freak!” Baby Josh angrily shouted. “bluwahk!” Mongo Josh replied. Baby James blinked “your hopeless, I can’t see any reason why Mommy Kris and Daddy James are still keeping you here, go home to your Daddy Phillip or might as well do all of us a favor and kill yourself!”. Mongo Josh is, as you all know, a retarded good for nothing huge lump of flesh, but somehow, he knows when his little brother is angry at him. “Blukakelafhuette” Mongo Josh told his brother, pointing at their Mac Book. (a gift from their Tito Gay Boy). Baby James stared at the screen, “what’s that?”. “bwikiki!” Mongo Josh proudly states. Baby James saw the blog.

Funny Little Island Person

“The Bizarre Adventures of Baby James & Mongo Josh”
Uncanny stories of a baby and his retarded brother

(the names of the characters are created by the author’s imagination, any resemblance of anyone you know are awfully coincidental)

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