Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Theory of fiction

There are lots of stories about the beginning, the “big bang”, “let there be light”, etc. some are absurd, some are interesting, some are plain imaginary. All of them are I think-not certain. I do believe we are still not capable of answering the question, “where did it all started?”.

“history became legend, legend became myth”-the lord of the rings

I would like to add-

“history became legend, legend became myth, myth became fiction, fiction became lies”

is it possible? That the original truth became a mere fiction? Here’s what I think what really happened.

“theory of fiction”
a fiction by JB Narciso

there was never a beginning, because in the beginning , the concept of time doesn’t exist, thus there is no beginning-which is time’s property. “infinity” there is an infinite beginning. Two circles intertwined-the symbol of infinity, no matter how many times you trace it with your fingers, you’ll never find its end, but in this case, infinity is a straight line with both ends that never ends. It goes up as infinite as it goes down. My theory supports the law of conservation, without an end, it is theoretically legal to have no beginning. If you still insist on having a beginning, I would say it will be in the middle of the “line”. As we live on, that line stretches infinitely. Top to bottom, left to right, doesn’t really matter.

Parallel world

A world parallel to ours, but in my theory (if a parallel world does exists) another world exists on the other side of the line, facing the other direction. Have you ever thought that maybe another world exists? A world ridiculously different from ours, a world without everything our world have, which includes time, life, death, existence… lets pause here for a while, you might say-woah wait, a world without existence? How did it exist then? here I answer-it can be another concept of existence, like I said, a world without everything that our world have. A different world would be different in everything. But somehow it does exist.

There is always someone who is ahead oh his time, like Darwin, like Da Vinci, perhaps there is someone out there now. Someone who can answer the question. I fancies I am that one, I wish I am, but I doubt I am… where do I get this ideas? Maybe this happens when you read to much dark fantasies, when you prefer heroes than gossip girl.

And here is where I stop; you are probably thinking you’re wasting your time on reading this coz you think it doesn’t make any sense. That makes two of us:) that’s why I am ending it here.

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